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Authored by: Dave Drum.

Professional B&W and Color Invoices

In the not-too-distant past, color statement printing may have been too expensive or seemed too complicated for many businesses to consider. Full-color mailings were time-consuming to produce and for many small to midsize companies financially out of reach. They also added several additional steps to the production process that ultimately inflated the cost per piece.

Times Have Changed

Advances in printing technology have made color the preferred option for businesses that want to develop a more engaging customer experience.

By incorporating vibrant, personalized messaging in each statement, invoice and notice you send, you’re able to turn a once rudimentary engagement – sending transactional mail – into a chance to earn customer trust and deliver value. You can even unlock new revenue opportunities through adding targeted cross-sell or upsell offers directly on statements.

Eye-catching color on your invoices is effective for making important elements jump off the page. Consider color psychology when choosing which hues to use:

“There is a direct link between psychology and color. Blue is associated with trustworthiness and turquoise is the best color for attention-grabbing wording, such as “second notice.” Turquoise is not frequently used by companies, so using it will help you and your clients stand out even more. Another great option is purple, a color highly favored by women, while darker shades of purple, such as violet, translate into competence and firmness. Avoid orange, yellow and brown on invoices because men and women dislike these colors.”*

Color Is Cost-Efficient

Professional B&W and Color Invoices

Today's digital inkjet printers are optimized for speed, maximum throughput and higher quality print.

As a result, the cost of printing in digital color is a fraction of what it was more than a decade ago. That only stands to improve as high-speed, continuous-feed inkjet color printers become more sophisticated and efficient. At DocuSend, we pass that efficiency on to you, our customers, giving you a low-cost full-color solution for invoices, statements and add-on flyers or announcements.


Updated on June 11, 2020

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