The Cloud-Based Mailroom

Send your documents to the U.S. Post Office without leaving your desk.

  • No more trips to the Post Office
  • No minimums, contracts or set-up fees
  • Works with any accounting system or software
  • Reduces need for paper, envelope and stamp inventory
  • Eliminates leasing and maintenance contracts for mailing equipment
  • Easily access portal for mailing activity dashboard and document images
  • We print and mail your documents, no matter where the address is located
  • Completely eliminates manual labor - Just a few minutes to upload and you're done

Company that prints and mails documents

Upload PDF to print and mail 

Send Any PDF Document

DocuSend works with any accounting, billing or CRM software that produces documents containing a valid mailing address.

Postage Rate 2019
PDF to mail
Include Remittance Envelope
Remittance Envelope

Add a remittance envelope without adjusting your template.

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invoice printing and mailing services
Color Printing

Make invoices and documents pop. Highlight important info, showcase logo, and use graphics to enhance messaging.

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Send certified documents
Send Certified Mail

Track and verify delivery for mandated or sensitive documents.

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Add inserts to your mailings
Add Insert

Communicate with customers at a fraction of the cost of a separate mailing. Upload PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files.

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Merge feature to mail
Merge Option

Why mail multiple envelopes to the same address? Combine same addresses in a single envelope to save money.

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Mail from other countries to USA
Mail to USA

Mailing from a foreign country to a US location? Drastically cut postage rates and delivery time by mailing from within the USA.

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Mail from US to other countries
Foreign Mail

Mail from USA to any foreign country. Send foreign mail for only $0.73 more per envelope. Be sure to include the country as the last line of your address.

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Online Mailing Services
Report Portal & Image Bank

Access complete history of your mailing acivity, including an image of every document mailed in the last six months.

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Reasons to Use DocuSend as Your
Cloud-Based Mailroom

  • Immediate ROI - Save an average of 50% off your internal mailing costs
  • All-inclusive pricing, starting at $0.80/envelope covers materials, labor and first class postage

Calculate Your Savings by entering the number of documents to be mailed and hit go

Web-Based Document Mailing Solution

Web-Based Printing & Mailing Service

Choose the program that works best for your business

Print-to-Mail Solution

Mailing Service

Send your documents to DocuSend instead of your printer.

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API Solution

Mailing application programming interface

Become a partner and add a “Send U.S. Mail” button to your invoice software.

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Who Can Benefit from DocuSend to Print & Mail Documents?

Small Business Document Delivery Solution

There are enormous advantages for any business or organization that needs print-to-mail services.

DocuSend is simple, straightforward and built to accommodate your business needs Pricing