DocuSend Mail Trail Service|Tracks the Mail to the last Distribution Point

Announcing DocuSend's Mail Trail service

Mail piece tracking technology

In addition to the "Date Mailed" column in the DocuSend Reports dashboard, DocuSend clients can verify the date their mail pieces entered the USPS postal stream with our Mail Trail service. Users can also track them through the Postal Service delivery system all the way to the zip code of the postal facility that the carrier works out of. And yes, that is the carrier who will deliver your mail piece to the recipient’s door. The tracking service applies to First Class and Marketing (formally Standard Mail) letter sized mail pieces uploaded to DocuSend.

* Oversize documents are not trackable with our Mail Trail service. 

Follow your mailed pieces

What to Expect from DocuSend Mail Trail

First of all, tracing any mail piece is reliant on the tracking technology offered by the USPS. Some mail pieces may temporarily drop off the tracking radar due to postal equipment failures or equipment maintenance schedules. While it is over 90% effective when tracking DocuSend’s automation mail in general, it is not intended as a replacement for Certified Mail. However, it is a valuable tool to inform DocuSend users when their letter sized mail pieces enter the postal stream and will then track their general progress toward the intended recipients.

So far, our tracking tests have shown that the postal estimate delivery standard is between 2 and 5 days nationwide.

Track your mailed documents to the postal facility

How Do I Access This Information?

The information is shown in your DocuSend portal. There are two fields you need to look at:

  • LastScan – The date of the last scan
  • Facility – The zip code or location of the postal facility where the mail piece was last scanned

We also are accepting requests if you would like to receive all the information via a WebHook. The only requirement is that you have a site for us to send the information. Please contact Customer Support for more information.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Mail Trail is included with all First Class and Marketing letter sized mail.

Mail trail your mailing pieces inside the USA