How It Works

Online Mail

DocuSend is the all-in-one, complete document delivery process that makes mailing your customer invoices and documents as quick and easy as emailing them. DocuSend works with accounting software packages as well as most other document-generating software. We take care of the paper, envelopes, printing, inserting, mailing, reporting and even reprinting—all for one low, all-inclusive price! There are no monthly minimums or contracts, and your documents are mailed by the next business day. It's the cost-efficient way to automate your document mailing processes. Our proprietary technology is the perfect solution for streamlining mailing while saving on labor and materials. Use your own invoice or document template, and simply print to PDF. Alert: Printing your file to PDF (not saving it as a pdf) is extremely important if your document contains hidden content or markups.

It's really this easy:

  • • Choose to include or omit a remittance envelope.
  • • Upload your pre-addressed PDF file to our secure site.
  • • Your per piece price will appear on right side of your screen along with options to select.
    1. Standard letter size if addresses align properly within envelope windows:
      • $0.85 for the first page and $0.08 for each additional page.
      • • If addresses don’t align, we will make the necessary adjustments and mail your documents for an additional $0.03/envelope.
      • • Options include certified, oversize, color printing, foreign mail, and more.
  • • Add to shopping cart
  • • Pay by credit card or PayPal (if you do not have a PayPal account, create one here)

Documents are mailed the next business day provided uploaded PDFs meet basic DocuSend criteria (Printed to PDF, not scanned, valid addresses).

The process is similar to what payroll service solution companies provide. Imagine the current cost to businesses if they still had to distribute their own payroll checks, keep a history of the transactions, and be totally on their own if something went wrong. In the same way, DocuSend automates a labor-intensive task that is fundamental to the health of your business. You no longer have to manage your payroll internally, and now, mailing your invoices and documents can join that time-saving, convenient suite of services. And it’s faster than buying a stamp!

DocuSend is great for mailing a single-page document or thousands. If you mail more than 2,000 documents per month, contact us for additional discounting.

Account Setup

DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service. Your account will be set up after your first file is uploaded and you have made a payment via credit card or PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email with your portal login after you have completed your order.

DocuSend Features and Options

Documents are printed on 8.5" x 11" paper and inserted into a # 10 window envelope. Each envelope can contain up to 7 pages (or 6 pages and a remit envelope) in the DocuSend automated process. Your documents are mailed by the next business day. Emails are sent out when the file is received.

    Mailing Options include:

  • Plain or perforated paper (tear off for remittance stub)
  • Remittance envelope (# 9 window envelope)
  • Black or color printing
  • Insert- PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files
Printing and mailing features

Enhanced Email Bill Distribution Platform

Send Email and get a unopened email report

DocuLink replaces high-risk email attachments with encrypted links specifically designed to prevent sensitive documents from being breached by cyber criminals. When the link is clicked by the recipient, the document is opened in a secure portal, and is never exposed to the internet. DocuLink provides real time status reports so the sender can control what action should be taken if the link is not opened, including the option to mail hard copies via USPS.

Send Emails with DocuSend

For documents that need to be sent electronically, make sure the email address is in the mailing address block. We will recognize the email address and suppress the printing of the document. Emails are sent out for $0.07 each after you complete your file upload. Customize emails $20 one-time setup fee. If you do not need to customize the 'from' email, they will be sent from

PDF documents that need to be sent via email have this format:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Address(if applicable)

You have the ability to customize the subject and body of the email. The document is inserted into the email as a link. You may combine both mailed and emailed documents in the same upload.

Email a Document

If your uploaded document does not have an email address in the mailing address block, follow these steps.

  • Upload your PDF File
  • Once you are in the Review Your Order section
  • Click the Review Individual Documents button
  • Add the email address in the first Address Line box
  • Emailing throught DocuSend
  • And under the last column called Distribution Options, select Send via Email
  • Emailing throught DocuSend
  • Then click the Save Changes button that is located at either the top or bottom of the page
  • If you want to make sure the email was saved, you can go back to Review Individual Documents or look at the Job Information Summary chart which will now show a count in the Emails quantity box

Once you are in the shopping cart, you will see this chart to customize your message.
Email throught DocuSend

You asked… we delivered. Our merge feature allows you to upload two files and combine the duplicate addresses in the same envelope. When duplicate addresses are detected in your upload, you'll see this message: Mailing in the same envelope

You can then opt to save money by combining those documents into one envelope. Click on the button and your shopping cart will be adjusted to reflect the reduction of envelopes and the increase of additional pages. Do nothing if you want them mailed in separate envelopes. It's that easy. In order for us to merge, your mailing addresses must match exactly.

    How to use the Mailing Merge Feature:

  • Upload first file to DocuSend (this should be the one that you want as the first page)
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Upload your second file to DocuSend
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Click Yellow button to save more money by mailing in same envelope
  • Duplicate addresses will be combined in the same envelope for postage savings
  • Pricing will be adjusted to reflect the new number of envelopes and additional pages being mailed

If you have additional files to Merge, follow the steps above and after the initial two files are merged, upload your next file. If there are duplicate addresses, you'll see the yellow message box again and you can click to merge the third file with the original file. The Merge Feature works great for adding statements in with your invoices (for those that might have past due/outstanding invoices). This is helpful for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online customers who had to mail them separately in the past.

How can I combine mailings to the same address in a single envelope? Instructions

If you use QuickBooks Online, we have a DocuSend app that will make it super easy to print and mail your customer invoices. You’ll find the app in the Intuit App Store. DocuSend App To learn more about how DocuSend works with QuickBooks Online, click here:

Include a # 9 window remittance envelope for your customers to remit their payment back to you.
  • Select to include a Remittance Envelope in package options.
  • If we don't detect a Remit To Address, we'll prompt you to key it in.
  • We will place it in the right spot on your invoice so it will show through the window of the # 9 envelope.
  • We'll remember it for you so when you upload your next rile, you don't have to type it in.
Remittance Envelope,DocuSend

Envelopes that contain more than 7 inserts will incur an additional charge per envelope that includes manual processing, additional postage and a larger envelope.

# Ounces# of Inserts (includes pages and remit)Oversize Surcharge Per Envelope
* Contact for pricing on mailings larger than 14 ounces or more than 65 sheets.

Using our DocuSend Certified Mail® feature makes it much easier to send sensitive documents and mandated mailings throughout the USA. With certified mail, the USPS assigns a tracking number that allows you to verify that the certified mail was delivered.

Tracking numbers are added to your DocuSend Report Portal under the Special Handling column within 24 hours of the document being mailed.
Check your certified document in your DocuSend Portal to see the certified tracking number

USPS Certified Mail® tracking numbers can track your letters delivery information online at for up to 90 days after mailing. The information reported may include messages like “Arrival at Unit,' 'Notice Left,' 'Returned to Sender,' 'Refused' and 'Delivered.'

How do I send a certified document with DocuSend? Instructions You might find this interesting. The Why and How of Certified Mail

Along with the mailing service, you get free access to Management Dashboard Reports. Know exactly when your documents were mailed through your personal report portal. View details such as File Date, Date Mailed, and Cost.
DocuSend Portal Report
Along with the mailing service, you get free access to the Image Bank in the DocuSend Portal. The "Image Bank" archive and retrieval system houses six months of mailed documents. Even reprint them instantly or re-send via mail or email through your customized portal.
DocuSend Portal Report

Add an Insert- PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files

Great marketing and communication tool! Need a cost-effective way to get important information out to your customers? Then add letter-size flyers, announcements, advertisements, coupons and notices to your DocuSend mailings. Add an Insert- PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files.
  • Create your generic document and save as a PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG files.
  • Upload your mail file to DocuSend and select your job specifications. You'll see the option to "Add an Insert."
  • Click on the Upload an Insert button and browse your computer to select the insert you want to add to your mailing.
  • The insert is printed in black or color on 8.5" x 11" paper and gets placed as the last page of your customized invoices or letters.
  • Price to add a black and white insert is $0.10/page and to add a color insert is $0.17/page.

Using the DocuSend insert option saves you time and money by not having to do a special mailing. Think of the postage savings!

Do you have mail that needs to be mailed outside the USA? DocuSend will mail it for only $0.85 more per one ounce envelope. Just make sure you add the country you are sending it to under the City, State Zip line. Remember, the country MUST not be abbreviated and it must be by itself as the last line of the address block.

How to mail from United States to a foreign country Instructions

When mailing to foreign countries, it is required that the country spelling must be exact, AND the country must be listed by itself on the last line of the address block. Use this list to ensure the foreign country is spelled correctly per postal standards. Foreign country list. Mailing to foreign countriesIf you believe a country should be added to this list, let us know, and reference how you know that country's post office will deliver it. Thank you!

Important note: Foreign mail is only accepted up to one ounce. Mailing to foreign countries is restricted to no more than 7 inserts per envelope.

International Customers - Mail into the USA

Are you in a foreign country and need to send mail to the United States? DocuSend is the perfect solution. Typically, all mail originating outside the USA that needs to be delivered inside US territory is subject to examination by the US Customers and Border Protection before it even gets to a USPS sorting facility. That could potentially delay mail delivery by 2 to 3 weeks. DocuSend's print- to- mail web-based service delivers your invoices or letters to a USPS facility by the next business day. When you mail into the USA from a foreign country, you pay the regular DocuSend rate which includes first class postage. No extra foreign postage surcharge.

Use your current invoice or document template or download our Remittance Stub QuickBooks invoice template or Word template.Your return address and mailing address must be in the upper left quadrant of your document. Our easy measurement guide can also help you with placement. Measurement guide.

A good rule of thumb when designing your templates is to leave a 1/2" margin on the left side of your document and at least 1/4" on the top, right and bottom margins. This ensures that your document integrity remains intact and information doesn't spill over into the gutters or run off the page.

DocuSend is a HIPAA compliant service

What that means for your HIPAA regulated business is:

  • No retention of your PDF documents
    • We do not retain any of your images in our system once they are printed and mailed.
  • DocuSend Portal will only contain summary of mailing activity
    • You’ll have access to mailing activity totals by day including the file name, number of documents mailed, total cost, etc., but will not be able to access images of the mailed documents.
  • Special handling of your documents through the printing and mailing process
    • Our procedures ensure that your documents are processed, printed and mailed with the highest standards of document integrity and security.
  • You are responsible to tell us if the documents you upload fall under HIPAA regulations.

To mail HIPAA documents, review the Terms and Conditions and check the HIPAA box on the upload page.

HIPAA-Compliant service.
  • Click on the Terms and Conditions link to review documentation and then check the box.
  • Uploaded PDFs are destroyed after mailing. No retention of your PDF documents.
  • Portal will only contain summary of mailing activity. Document images are not retained.
  • All documents flagged, processed and verified by integral HIPAA integrity protocols.

DocuSend’s Solution For Bottom Stub Invoices

If your invoice’s mailing and remittance addresses are at the bottom of your document, DocuSend has a solution for you. It’s called tumble turn.

This option is for invoices that have a bottom stub AND you are including a remittance envelope for your customers to mail their payment back to you.

What Is Tumble Turn?

Tumble turn means we will print your return, recipient and remittance addresses on the flip side of your bottom stub. We include a message “Please insert so this address shows in window of remittance envelope” above the remittance address.

Bottom Stub Invoices

This ensures that all addresses align correctly within the windows of the envelopes and that your recipient will mail the correct stub back to you. Your complete invoice is printed on one side, and mailing addresses are then also printed on the other side. This tumble turn option is an additional $0.03 per envelope for duplex printing.

Requirements to Use the Tumble Turn Option:

  • You must select “Include Remittance Envelope” before you upload your file.
  • Your document must have a bottom remittance stub with return, recipient and remittance addresses (all three) listed on the stub.
  • You must select the appropriate address blocks on the bottom stub when prompted in DocuSend to identify correct address placements. DocuSend will automatically recognize that your document has to be tumble turned.
  • Highly recommended – select perforated paper to ensure smooth stub tear off.

Undeliverable Feature

The undeliverable feature helps you to detect foreign mail over 4 sheets, oversize with more than 65 sheets in one envelope, or Coronavirus mail delivery restrictions. Once you upload your document and a undeliverable alert is shown- You can go to "Review Individual Documents" to see the affected pages.

DocuSend Is Faster Than Buying Stamps!

One Side (simplex) and Two Sided (duplex) Printing Options

A Smarter Approach to Printing Invoices and Transactional Mail

Choose one-sided (simplex) or two sided (duplex) printing for your multiple page documents. You can even choose mixplex printing, which lets you mix simplex printing with duplex printing.

After you upload your documents and any inserts you want included in the envelope, just choose whether you want your source document and your inserts printed one or two sided. And you can mix and match. Print your uploaded file one sided and your additional inserts two sided, or vice-versa.

The only exception is that you cannot select two-sided printing for documents that need a remittance envelope. You can, however, select two-sided printing for any generic inserts you want to add to your documents even if you require a remittance envelope. When you select two-sided printing for the inserts you want included with your principal documents, they will always begin printing on a separate sheet.

The only exception is you cannot select two-sided printing for documents that need a remittance envelope. You can however select two-sided printing for any generic inserts you want to add to your documents even if you require a remit envelope. When you select two-sided printing for the inserts you want included with your principal documents, they will always begin printing on a separate sheet.

The menu selection to choose between one-sided and two-sided printing will only appear when it is an available option after you upload your PDFs. And it’s easy to change selections on the screen.

The benefits of two sided printing include:

  • Reduce oversize charge
    • We can accumulate and fold and insert up to 7 sheets into a standard #10 envelope. But if you select duplex, we can fit up to 14 pages, because it still ends up to be only 7 physical pages.
  • Duplex mailing
  • Add more pages
    • We still accommodate up to 65 actual sheets of paper (or 64 with remit), but if you select duplex, you can mail up to 130 pages, because it still ends up as 65 physical sheets of paper.
    • In many cases, it eliminates having to separate your larger documents into separate envelopes.
  • More pages in foreign mail
    • Foreign mail is limited to one ounce or 4 sheets of paper, but with duplex, you can now send the equivalent of 8 pages.

Sequence numbers and Quality Control coding

What information does DocuSend add to your documents?

The only information DocuSend touches on your documents are the recipient and remit to mailing addresses. We run them through postal software and place them back on your document with 3 important pieces of information for accuracy and expedited delivery.

Sequence numbers and Quality Control coding-Definitions