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Merge duplicate addresses in the same envelope.

Upload PDF to print and mail

You asked… we delivered. Our merge feature allows you to upload two files and combine the duplicate addresses in the same envelope (see below to merge more than two).

Upload PDF to print and mail

Combining Documents into One Envelope

Combine documents with the same mailing address into the same envelope. In order for us to merge, your mailing addresses must match exactly.

How It Works

  • Upload first file to DocuSend (this should be the one that you want as the first page)
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Upload second file to DocuSend
  • Add to shopping cart
  • When duplicate addresses are detected in your upload, you'll see a yellow alert message
  • Click yellow button to save more money by mailing in same envelope
  • Duplicate addresses will be combined in the same envelope for postage savings
  • Pricing will be adjusted to reflect the new number of envelopes and pages being mailed

Merge Multiple PDF files.

  • If you have additional files to merge, follow the steps above, and after the initial two files are merged, upload your next file.
  • If there are duplicate addresses, you'll see the yellow message box again and you can click to merge the third file with the original file.
  • The Merge Feature works great for adding statements in with your invoices (for those that might have past due/outstanding invoices).

How can I combine mailings to the same address in a single envelope? Instructions

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