API for DocuSend Resellers

The DocuSend API allows you to offer a cloud-based mailroom to your users by adding a menu option or “Send Mail” button to your software, making it as simple and efficient as sending an email. This is the best solution for billing, invoicing, and CRM software companies that want to provide print-to-mail service as an added value to their existing software.

As a DocuSend reseller, pick from two options:

1. API Direct Reseller Solution

Our direct reseller solution means you add the DocuSend option within your software and your end users just click a button that takes them to their own shopping cart. This eliminates having to track and bill your customer usage and pays you a monthly royalty based on all your users’ activity.

2. API White Label Reseller Solution

Our white label solution enables you to provide a cloud-based mailroom service to your end users without them knowing it’s DocuSend providing the print-to-mail service. This is an ideal solution if you have the ability to track and bill your customers for their usage. You pay DocuSend a reduced rate for services.

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Walk Through the Integrated Solution with a DocuSend Engineer

Open a nonbinding DocuSend account by clicking here (API Sign-Up) and completing the brief information on the form. You will be contacted by a DocuSend API representative and assigned a field application engineer within 24 hours.

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Contact Alice Witherow at awitherow@docusend.biz to learn more about how you can integrate with DocuSend via our API solution.

*Royalty/revenue share is reviewed annually.