Affiliate Partner Program

DocuSend Affiliate Partner Program

DocuSend affiliate partners can earn new revenue with this document-delivery system they can easily provide for their customers. Designed for firms with no programming staff, as well as for software consultants, online accounting firms, and developers with pledged resources, the program focuses on businesses that need an enterprise solution without going through the API process.

Since multiple surveys have consistently indicated that the majority (as high as 78%) of American households prefer important documents mailed to them at home, we decided to provide a simple method to accommodate them. Your clients can use it as an easy invoice sender and for all their important customer communications.

How Does the DocuSend Revenue-Sharing Structure Work?

There are no interfaces or integrations to worry about. Just contact Alice Witherow at and she’ll establish your affiliate partnership in a few simple steps. The result will provide you with an easy-to-use print-to-mail service for your clients and contacts that makes sending snail mail as simple and efficient as sending email. Your customers will be tethered to your master DocuSend account, and you’ll have your own DocuSend portal to track activity and totals by individual users.

Generate Recurring Revenue

When you integrate with DocuSend, you provide your customers with an affiliate link to our cloud-based mailroom, and you benefit from their mailing activity. You will receive a commission for every envelope your clients mail through the DocuSend affiliate program. Our revenue-sharing structure is based on the same principles as DocuSend: simplicity and ease of use. You earn $0.04 for each document we mail on behalf of your clients, regardless of volume or materials.*

Risk-Free from the First Use

There’s no risk for your clients to try DocuSend because there are no contracts, minimums, or set-up fees. They’ll save money from their first use too, by eliminating almost all the time it takes to print, fold, stuff, and apply postage—usually about 2 hours just for a few hundred invoices. DocuSend allows your clients to complete their entire billing process in a few minutes. And since there is no minimum order quantity, they can improve cash flow by sending invoices daily or weekly instead of waiting for month end. Your clients will find it’s the easiest way to mail paper documents. Once they’ve tried it, why would they ever go back to doing it manually?

Ready to get started?

Contact Alice Witherow at or call 585-617-4666 ext 205.

Other Enterprise Solutions

If you have your own invoicing or billing software, you may be interested in our API solution that allows your clients to send mail via a “Send US Mail” button in your software. Read more .


Contact Alice Witherow at to learn more about how you can offer DocuSend online print-to-mail service to your customers and earn revenue through their mailing activity.

*Royalty/revenue share is reviewed annually.

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