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Send Certified Mail Online

Certified mail is a great solution for time-sensitive documents that require proof of both mailing and delivery.

Mail certified documents

How to Mail Certified Documents Online

  • Choose to include or omit a remittance envelope.
  • Upload your preaddressed PDF file.
  • Go to Review Individual Documents.
  • Under the Special Handling menu, select individual envelopes to be mailed as Certified.
  • Or if all documents in your upload file need to be sent certified, click the Apply Certified button and all envelopes in your file will be flagged for certified mailing.
  • See instructions (PDF)
Certified Mail Tracking Status

Certified Mail Tracking Number

  • Find your certified document in your DocuSend Portal to see the certified tracking number and the status of that document.
  • Log in to the DocuSend Portal.
  • Go to Search Image Bank and type the name of the specific person to whom it was to be delivered, exactly as it appeared on your document, or click on View Documents to see your documents listed in date order.
  • You can also access this information through the Reports tab by simply clicking on the number in the Mailed column.
  • You'll see the Certified Tracking number in the Special Handling column. The LastScan column shows the date it was last scanned at a USPS facility, and the Facility column will show USPS status.
  • To review the status on the official USPS site, click on the tracking number under the Special Handling column. It will redirect you to the USPS page with the mailed document information.

Securely Mail Sensitive Documents
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Send Certified Mail
How to mail certified documents

Certified Mail is a super useful feature for business owners. When you think of the convenience, the assurance of delivery, and the cost savings, it's a win any way you look at it.