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Marketing Mail

Mail Merge Feature

Marketing Mail
Online merge csv and a PDF files

How it works:

  • Log in to your DocuSend Portal.
  • Select Upload CSV File button.
  • Upload the CSV file with the corresponding mailing addresses and then upload the PDF of the document that you want to mail.
  • Click Submit.
  • In the Review Job section, select your package options: perforated paper, color, duplex, include insert, add remittance envelope.
  • If your mailing list is more than 250 envelopes, you will have the option to send as standard mail. If you have fewer envelopes than that, the documents will be sent as first-class mail.
  • Marketing Mail can be used for generic documents, that is, documents that do not contain the recipient's account-specific information.
Mail Merge

CSV Format

  • Download CSV Sample
  • City, State and Zip Code must all be contained in one column.
  • No blank lines between mailing addresses.
  • Mailing address should contain no more than 5 lines.
  • Please do not include headers.

This program has the following abilities:

  • Only displays PDFs or CSV files when you click the corresponding upload button, which makes it easy to find your correct file.
  • We do the mail merge for you and place your mailing addresses on your documents.
  • Detects if there is room for the address on the front, and puts it there. Otherwise, your mailing address will be printed on the flip side of your document.
  • If you need a cover page for generic mailings, please contact customer support. They will add this option to your account for all your mailings.
  • Letter-size PDFs only.

Address Placement Correction,
keeping your document looking professional and clean.

Mailing address are for CSV merge

If your PDF document has a clear area for the mailing address block to be placed, DocuSend will include the mailing addresses in that area.

print the mailing addresses on the flip side

If it does not have an empty mailing address area, DocuSend will print the mailing addresses on the flip side of your document.

We know how tiring it is to send out notices the old way - doing a mail merge to get the names and addresses into a word document - and then you still have to print them out and get them in the mail. With this online program, you just upload the generic PDF notice and the CSV file, and you're done!