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7 Reasons to Implement This App

✓ Cost Advantages

✓ Increased Efficiency

✓ Reduce Processing Time for Your Company

✓ Save on Infrastructure and Technology

✓ Access to FREE Management Dashboard Reports

✓ Free Up Time to Focus on Core Areas

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Here's what our customers are saying about our QuickBooks Online App.

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Printing and Mailing Your Invoices Has Never Been Easier with the DocuSend® for QuickBooks Online App.

Many of our DocuSend customers use QuickBooks Online, and even though DocuSend is super easy to use, it is even easier with the QuickBooks app. With pricing starting at just $0.80 for a one-page document, including first class postage, you won't find a more cost-effective and easy-to-use service for getting your invoices in the mail.

With the app, your invoices are uploaded directly to DocuSend from QuickBooks. Select options such as perforated paper, remittance envelope, color and/or a generic PDF insert. Other enhancements include certified, foreign, and oversize mail.

So how does the DocuSend app work?

• Create your invoices as usual in QuickBooks-Online.

• Find the DocuSend app in the Intuit App Store DocuSend App, click the Get App Now button and download to "My Apps" for future use.

• Launch the DocuSend app, authenticate (first time only) and your invoices will be uploaded to DocuSend.

• Determine if you want your zero or credit balance invoices included.

• Change your mailing options if desired (paper, remit envelope, ink color).

• Review the file in your cart and pay whenever you're ready.

The new DocuSend for QuickBooks Online app automatically aligns your mailing address and optional remit-to address to fit perfectly in the envelope. You can even review individual documents if desired.

Our users are constantly commenting on how fast DocuSend is. With the DocuSend for QuickBooks Online app, it is even faster! It takes a couple of minutes to upload your file, and your documents are mailed by the next business day. Of course, you still have the option to continue to upload to

Using our QuickBooks Online app means you get the same great benefits as going directly to We have no minimums, set up fees or contracts, and it's simple to use.

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