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DocuSend API Reseller Benefits

  1. 1. Makes snail mail as easy as sending an email: DocuSend’s API provides a simple electronic process to your software clients who don’t want to send sensitive documents via the internet. It is as straightforward and quick as sending an email.
  2. 2. Give users what they need – a choice: There are businesses and many households that can’t or don’t want to receive confidential and content-sensitive documents via email. DocuSend’s API provides the clients of your users with an extremely efficient option to receive documents in their preferred format.
  3. 3. DocuSend’s API sends documents directly to Post Office: When your clients have finished creating their documents and are ready to send, they can select “print”, “email”, or “Send US Mail.” It doesn’t get any easier than that.
  4. 4. Event triggered document distribution finally solved: Many of your clients, especially those with databases greater than 4,000, may manage their billing distribution platform on a relatively simple production level, due to the cyclical nature of the accounts receivable process. Some of your users with high-volume databases may use an outside print vendor. But many documents cannot be prescheduled because they are triggered by an event. Examples include late notices, estimates, purchase orders, rate changes and shutoff notices, among others. Distributing these documents is much more difficult to manage because there is no accurate way of predicting the volume or frequency. The DocuSend API solves this problem immediately, regardless of the file size. Because there are no minimum charges and no restrictions on volume or frequency, the user simply clicks on your “Send US Mail” button and they are done.
  5. 5. Immediate Results: DocuSend’s research and client feedback confirms a 50% average cost reduction over mailing internally.
  6. 6. Proven Results: Once a client tries it, they stick with it.
  7. 7. DocuSend’s API makes sending Certified mailings as easy as First Class: Your clients who use Certified mail as part of their normal operations, or as an occasional event, will be in for a very pleasant surprise when they use DocuSend’s API Certified mail service. Sending traditional Certified letters can include having to manually apply forms and stickers, expensive envelopes, special UPC codes for tracking, the purchase of Certified software, metering equipment rental, and/or outside services with monthly minimum fees. And that doesn’t even include printing and manually stuffing the document(s). The DocuSend API eliminates all of it, including the manual processes. DocuSend’s API Certified feature is as simple to use as our First-Class mailing service. Your user indicates which documents are to be mailed Certified, and they are in the mail within two business days with the tracking numbers posted to your report portal.
  8. 8. Document History: Reporting, tracking, archive and retrieval at your fingertips.
  9. 9. Fast Service: Documents will be mailed out within two business days.
  10. 10. API Communication Tool: DocuSend’s API includes a very popular feature that allows a generic 8.5 x 11 PDF to be uploaded and mailed with the addressed document. Including a generic insert with an invoice or statement is an excellent vehicle for your users to keep in touch with their clients. Special offers, coupons, legal notices – the only limitation is the user’s imagination. If the insert is in the same envelope as a statement or bill, you know the recipient will open it, and it’s a fraction of the cost of sending a standalone document.
  11. 11. Other API outsourcing advantages: : Your users will be able to eliminate inventory associated with bill distribution as well as avoid leasing and maintenance agreements on mailing equipment. As far as labor costs, the average time spent on manually printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping 200 documents is about 2 hours. DocuSend: 1 to 2 minutes to upload; even faster via the API.
  12. 12. International Mail: The DocuSend API mails documents to any country in the world. And international users can mail to their US customers for a fraction of the cost while drastically cutting the delivery time.
  13. 13. DocuSend Merge Feature: This unique feature automatically detects duplicate addresses across multiple files and allows the user the option to combine like addresses into the same envelope, saving materials and postage.
  14. 14. Recurring Revenue Stream: The revenue share for Direct Reseller will be paid monthly to you via ACH transfer based on the prior calendar month’s activity.
  15. 15. Integration to DocuSend: The DocuSend API integration is simple and easy to develop. The best way we can demonstrate the simplicity of the integration is referring you to the working examples at