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Document Print-to-mail Service

Mail Technologies Inc (MTI) was founded in 1991 as a bill distribution company to provide processing, printing and mailing services to companies that produce a significant number of statements, invoices, and other financial documents.

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DocuSend Powered by Mail Technologies Inc

Mail Technologies Inc services are contractual in nature, and data-driven programs are customized to fit the needs of a wide range of vertical markets.
These include:

  • Cable TV and internet providers
  • Utility providers
  • Credit unions and other financial institutions
  • Collection agencies
  • Any company that needs data to be mapped on their financial documents

DocuSend Powered by Mail Technologies Inc

A limited number of direct mailing services are also offered as a supplement to our document processing contracts.

The cost of creating and maintaining data-driven systems tailored to fit the specific needs of large billing operations made it difficult for businesses with smaller volumes to justify the transactional costs associated with outsourcing their billing applications.

  • In the third quarter of 2015, MTI launched a unique software product called DocuSend.
  • The service is built on a proprietary process that extracts information from PDF images and rebuilds the address without altering the other variables on the source document.
  • This, in turn, eliminates the necessity of having to map data and maintain proprietary programs.
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  • Small to midsize companies can now take advantage of easy, hands-off, out-the-door print-to-mail and email services.
  • No monthly minimums or contracts—services normally offered only to companies with high volumes of mail.
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DocuSend Cloud-based Mailroom

The DocuSend cloud-based mailroom is a no-contract-required solution for mailing your customer invoices and documents as quickly and easily as e-mailing them.

Many of our users no longer wait until the end of the month to invoice, since there are no penalties or charges for low volumes. The documents are mailed by the next business day after they are uploaded.

Similar to what the payroll service solution companies provide, DocuSend automates a labor-intensive task that is fundamental to the health of your business. It's the time-saving, convenient way to send all your important customer communications. It’s faster than buying a stamp!

While the technology MTI has developed is a major factor in our success, our people are the true difference. MTI employees are document communication experts able to provide solutions that exceed your immediate needs and help your business be more competitive overall.



Our users now have the ability to mail any 8 ½ x 11 software-generated PDF document, regardless of where the address(es) are located on the document—legal or government forms and tax documents included.

The user simply identifies the document’s address locations on screen, and we handle the rest.

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