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DocuSend Features & Benefits

DocuSend is built to minimize your bill rendering and document processing costs, increase efficiency of receivables and allow you and your employees more time to focus on your core business. MTI's buying power means you'll save money because we buy paper, envelopes and toners in bulk. We bundle all those savings into one low package rate, including postage, and take care of all the mailing details. Your invoices go out quickly which helps your revenue come in faster! The bottom line... DocuSend will have a positive effect on your bottom line!

DocuSend Web-based Mailing Features Benefits of using this electronic document delivery
Mail into the USA from foreign countries Eliminate foreign postage and mail is delivered quicker.
Certified Mail Track mandated or sensitive mail without a trip to the post office.
Low all-in-one price Minimizes costs and increases cash flow.
No monthly contracts or minimums Pay as you go with no monthly fees or long-term commitments.
Easy to select options Choose perforated paper, remit envelope, color, and a PDF insert.

Automated mailing service

Increases efficiencies and productivity.
Inventory management No more ordering paper, envelopes and toner.
Easy online file upload No programming; works with any accounting software.
Accurate and timely delivery Expedites receivable revenue.

Secure electronic delivery option

Suppresses mailing of paper documents.
Convenient payment options No monthly invoice to pay.
Free Report Portal Simplifies tracking and analysis.
Free Image Bank Easy access to customer documents.
Electronic Invoice Delivery


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