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Printing and Mailing Invoices from FreshBooks

We are happy to announce the new integration service for FreshBooks apps. Users can now connect with DocuSend to print and mail invoices directly from this platform.

DocuSend is a convenient service for printing and mailing your invoices, aimed to help small businesses to get rid of time consuming and tiring manual work. Instead of stuffing envelopes, spend your time and effort on more important tasks. Upload any number of documents in less than 2 minutes, and they will be printed, folded, inserted into envelopes and sent for you, for about half the price of mailing yourself. Your documents will be delivered via USPS according to First Class automation standards, which speeds up delivery compared to using stamps. DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service to be used only when you need it, without any minimums, contracts, or setup charges.

How DocuSend Works with FreshBooks

Connect your account with the DocuSend app to get access to your own mailroom and all the features DocuSend provides.

DocuSend's new integration graphic
  • The DocuSend app for FreshBooks shows which of your invoices were already mailed or emailed via the app by changing their status to "Sent," which makes it easy to review all your sent documents.
  • Track your mailing activity for the last 6 months in our free Report Portal. Easily review the images of your sent documents using Image Bank. Be sure you haven’t missed any important documents.
  • Use the advantages of color printing, add flyers and inserts to your documents, or select two-sided printing to cut expenses.
  • The Mail Trail service detects the date your mail entered the postal system and tracks its way to the zip code of the final postal facility.
  • The uploading process consists of a few simple steps, and will surely save time and money off of printing and mailing yourself
  • See instructions (PDF)

Mail Recurring Invoices in FreshBooks using the DocuSend app 

FreshBooks users can now mail their recurring invoices using DocuSend. Without buying and stocking paper, envelopes and stamps, with no manual printing, preparation for mailing or visits to the post office, FreshBooks users can finish their recurring invoicing in minutes. No matter what quantity you have—a few documents or thousands—we handle your recurring invoices quickly and easily. Upload them to the DocuSend app for FreshBooks every month and you are done in a few clicks. You will get free tracking of your recurring invoices with the Mail Trail service, and your personal dashboard where information on your mailing activity is stored.  

Here is how to upload your recurring invoices to DocuSend right from your FreshBooks app: 

  • As a first-time DocuSend user, locate the DocuSend app in the FreshBooks app and sign in. 
  • Enter your FreshBooks login information and search for DocuSend on the FreshBooks integration page. Your recurring invoices should be selected as “Create Draft invoices and send manually” on the Delivery Options. 
  • Click to connect to FreshBooks and authorize to allow us to retrieve your invoices. 
  • You can choose to add your company logo to your invoice. [JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF] Once selected, that logo will be used each time until you elect to replace or delete it.
  • Choose a template, and select Date Range.
  • In Status filter select “Draft” and click Apply.  
  • When your recurring invoices are loaded, choose your specifications: plain or perforated paper, color or black-and-white printing, one- or two-sided printing, an optional remittance envelope. You can also upload generic flyers to be printed and added to each envelope of your job. You will see the price update automatically. Uncheck those recurring invoices that you don't want to mail and click to add your order to the shopping cart.  
  • DocuSend's new integration graphic
  • Enter your payment information and click to confirm your job.  

We will print your recurring invoices, apply the Intelligent Mail barcodes to speed up their delivery, and mail them via the USPS within two business days. You can mail not only to your customers within the US, but also abroad. The whole process of your monthly invoicing will require no more than a few minutes from your side.  

DocuSend is faster than buying a stamp! 

Graphic DocuSend Integrates with FreshBooks

Why should I try the DocuSend for FreshBooks app?

  • No contracts or cancellation fees, so just try us out
  • No monthly volume requirements
  • Pay-as-you-go service
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Cost-effective, reduces mailing costs up to 50% off mailing by yourself
  • Free access to your personalized management dashboard reports
  • Email Document Verification Service
  • See instructions (PDF)
Online Mail from your FreshBooks Account

Features available for FreshBooks users

  • Plain or perforated paper
  • Remittance envelope
  • Add generic inserts
  • Certified Mail
  • Color printing
  • Oversized Mail
  • Duplex printing
  • Report Portal
  • Address placement
  • International Mail to USA
  • International Mail from USA
  • Mail Trail to track your documents through the US postal system
  • DocuLink to securely send documents electronically using an encrypted link

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s easy to mail invoices when you use the DocuSend app.
  • Connect with the app and then follow the easy steps in the next FAQs.

You can set up access for as many users as you wish. You can also decide what type of access you’d like to give each user. Just select the Admin tab in your DocuSend portal and click on Edit Users.