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Print-to-Mail REST API

Easily Integrate DocuSend and DocuLink Into Your Software via our REST API

Software developers can integrate with DocuSend to provide a cloud-based mailroom service for their users or for their company's internal use.

DocuSend’s API solution offers integrators, developers, and IT specialists a simple and scalable framework that allows their software users to send emails with access to PDF documents via a secure link and also use an automated print-to-mail service.

DocuSend Integration Benefits

  •  No Start-Up Fees
  •  Free Integration
  •  Unlimited Templates
  •  Unlimited Uploads
  •  Unlimited Mailings
  •  Unlimited Users
  •  No Monthly Fee
  •  Monthly Activity Reports

DocuLink Integration Benefits

  •  Customize recipient message
  •  Customize 'from' email address
  •  Securely send email documents 
  •  Real-time unopened link reports
  •  Send massive emails without being blacklisted. 
  •  Send email or US mail documents according to users preferences
  •  Eliminates internet security issues related to email attachments
  •  Send US mail with one-click option when links are unopened

API Solutions

The DocuSend API allows you to easily connect to our cloud-based mailroom, making sending emails and paper mail super easy.

DocuLink’s Enhanced Email Document Verification Service provides small businesses with an email solution that enables senders to track unopened links and then send the unopened documents via USPS, ensuring that users get their important documents.

Despite the push for paperless delivery, more than 70% of all transactional communications (bills and statements) last year were delivered by postal mail. That’s over 16 billion documents. Recent data breaches and internet security concerns are reinforcing the consumer’s preference to choose software that offers document senders more distribution choices.

Two-thirds of American households are forecast to receive invoices and statements through the mail in the upcoming year, and consumers place their concerns about security among the fundamental reasons they want the option to receive paper bills. They know if they make the wrong decision opening an email, they run the risk of infecting their system with a virus, or even compromising their identity. Consumers don’t experience that type of anxiety when opening a document delivered by the US mail—and for good reason. There are more than 200 federal laws that protect the sanctity of the US mail, and all are aggressively enforced. That’s more than 200 reasons criminals don’t even try to exploit the mail.

To keep up with today’s ever-changing technology, software users and their consumer-based clientele want expanded and optimized delivery and payment channels. They want providers to offer more choices to interact with them. Americans have a passion for better alternatives, and being forced to receive documents and payment methods they are not comfortable with can result in resentment and disappointment. Especially when it involves their security.

DocuSend certainly provides a rock-solid solution for the document distribution channel. It’s as efficient as sending an email and faster than buying a stamp. It only takes a few minutes to upload your PDF file and you’re done. Add it to your product line and find out why we have a 95% customer retention rate.

Walk Through the Integrated Solution with a DocuSend Engineer

Open a nonbinding DocuSend account by clicking here (API Sign-Up) and completing the brief information on the form. You will be contacted by a DocuSend API representative and assigned a field application engineer within 24 hours.

The DocuSend integration process is simple and scalable, but we also recognize that each API integration is unique. We are committed to keeping the time you spend to an absolute minimum. That’s why we offer full support through the entire process, free of charge.


Integrating DocuSend's API solution is simple and places complete control of the entire process in the hands of the integrator. Just add a button or drop-down menu option for your users to select “Send US Mail” or simply connect to DocuSend via API to streamline the upload process. for a sample of the code.


To set up a company (each client):

 $aParms = array('CompanyName'=>My Company','Address1'=>'123 Any Street,'City'=>'Rochester','State'=>'NY','ZipCode'=>'14623','CompanyPhone'=>'555-000-000','Email'=>'','FullName'=>'Joe Smith');

  • $api->PostCompany($aParms);
  • Returns email and password, which would then be used as credentials.
  • To send a Job
  • $results = $api->PostJob("/billing.pdf", 1, 1, 0);(The parameters are filename, Ink Type, Paper Type, Return Envelope, Insert Document [optional].)
  • Returns JobID, which will be used to check status.
  • To check processing status
  • Until returns ChargeAmount, continue $api->GetJob($jobID);
  • Then, they can be sent to their shopping cart to pay for all jobs.
  • As many jobs as they wish can be put in a shopping cart—and when your client is ready, they can go ahead and pay for them as a group.

    No Risk

    DocuSend clients realize an average savings of 50% over traditional mailing methods, and it’s risk-free with no contracts, minimums, or setup fees.

    It varies, but on average, businesses spend up to four hours just to print, fold, stuff, and apply postage to a few hundred invoices. The DocuSend API allows your users to complete their entire billing process in just a few minutes each time they use it. And since there are no minimum order quantities, users can improve cash flow by simply increasing the frequency with which they send their invoices. Instead of waiting until month-end to process invoices, they can quickly send them as soon as they’ve completed the project or shipped the product. No obligation—no risk. Once your clients realize they can mail their documents just by pushing a button, the chances that they’ll go back to doing it manually are pretty slim.

    A Single Click to Security

    DocuSend offers an extremely efficient option to users who don’t want to send sensitive documents over the internet.

    As we’ve all seen recently, even the world’s biggest tech companies aren’t immune to data breaches and cyberattacks. Many large and high-profile breaches have started with successful phishing attacks. Recent studies from threat management providers showed that 91% of cyberattacks start with a phish, and upping technology-based defenses can’t address those kinds of vulnerabilities. For 2018, it is predicted that two-thirds of American households will choose to receive their invoices and statements through the mail, many of them citing internet security as a concern. Consumers trust documents delivered to their US mailbox. Rightly so, since more than 200 aggressively enforced federal laws protect the US mail. Most consumers want more options to receive sensitive documents, and the DocuSend API gives them just that.

    Design and offer any template you think would be useful to your clients: delinquency notices, welcome letters, renewal notices, retention letters, legal notifications, loyalty programs, rate changes, product recalls, and more. The DocuSend API makes it as easy to mail any document as it is to email it as an attachment.

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    Not ready for an API? We offer custom solutions including customized portals or a simple website link. You'll still generate recurring revenue from every document your clients print and mail through DocuSend. Call us today for a free estimate.


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