How DocuSend Helps Start-Ups |Transform the Way Your Startup Sends and Receives Mail with DocuSend

Transform the Way Your Startup Sends Mail with DocuSend

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How DocuSend Helps Start-Ups

If you believe in the power of start-ups as we do, let’s join together to build the future. We are the most start-up-friendly app for business mail printing and distribution, and we have helped many young companies on their journey.

You may well ask what makes us say so. Our cost-saving solutions are created specifically to scale together with start-ups, be flexible to their needs, and eliminate some of the inconveniences associated with a lack of resources and funds they may face. Since we are an on-demand service with no contracts, monthly fees, or investment in software or equipment, DocuSend is the first service to take over the business mailing of even the smallest companies, growing with them and giving them services that previously were only available for big businesses. Read on to know how we contribute to the growth of our fellow entrepreneurs.

Everyone who was a start-up, including us, knows what is the biggest challenge new businesses face: to gain credibility and make a professional impression. Potential clients may question how many people are already using them, how experienced they are, and how many references they can provide. Besides the disadvantage of wasting an entrepreneur’s valuable time and talents on traditional mailing, which includes invoice printing, manually stuffing envelopes, and trips to the post office, mailing stamped mail can make customers think the company has only a few clients, although that’s not true for many start-ups.

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A Professional-Looking Invoice Gives Start-ups Credibility

Seeing invoices from you with the same appearance they are used to from established companies gives clients more confidence in your business. Receiving professional-looking documents with high-quality printing, an Intelligent Mail barcode and remittance barcode on the envelope, 3 of 9 barcodes, and a perforated payment stub in an envelope with a printed mailing address makes them think, “This company definitely knows what they are doing.” Polished-looking invoices and marketing materials, the same a large company would send, make an impact on clients so they don’t feel that it’s risky to put their trust in you. By giving start-ups a tool to look professional that previously only big, experienced companies had access to, DocuSend empowers them for future growth. By automating document management and delivery and eliminating traditional methods of printing, preparing, and sending physical documents that are often time-consuming, costly, and prone to errors, we completely change the way start-ups handle their mail.

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Why Do We Say We Grow with You?

When you scale up, you will need more mailing options and features, like sending higher volumes of mail, adding flyers to promote your business, color printing, and foreign or certified mail, which you can get with just a few clicks of a mouse without having to modify a user agreement. It doesn’t matter how many invoices you send—a few or thousands—it is still super easy with DocuSend.
Usually, when start-up owners decide they don’t want to sit and stuff envelopes or use their team’s time to do it, they are looking for a specialized service so the invoices look professional, but they find they have to send a high volume of mail and pay a monthly fee to use the service, regardless of whether they use all of its features. When you go to the DocuSend app, all you need to do is upload PDFs to our mailroom, select feature options, and the app will calculate the final price in seconds. Use any of our convenient payment methods, and we take care of the rest.

Mailing Solution for Startup businesses

Meet Your Challenges with DocuSend

Here are more reasons why an online mailroom is the best solution for challenges that start-ups and their teams face:

  • Savings: With your savings in labor and our ability to pay bulk prices for postage and materials, our prices are typically half as much compared to internal traditional mailing processes. The cost of all materials and postage is included.
  • Mail from anywhere: You can enjoy the convenience of sending mail from anywhere there is an internet connection and avoid having piles of envelopes and paper at your workplace and maintaining a printer of your own.
  • Green business: You can decrease your carbon footprint by eliminating trips to the post office.
  • Improve cash flow: The faster your invoices are prepared, the faster they are sent out. With our secure and reliable online mailing service, you can ensure that your important documents are mailed out as fast as possible. There are two ways that using DocuSend can help your cash flow: First, since it’s a pay-as-you-go service, you can bill immediately—no need to wait until the end of the billing cycle to accumulate mail volume. The price is the same no matter how many invoices you send. Second, presorting your mail by zip code and putting the Intelligent Mail barcode on it reduces its time in transit. To grow the budget of your start-up, it’s crucial to send invoices out fast so you can receive client payments promptly!
  • Convenience and accessibility: We provide a high level of security and confidentiality for your important documents with our state-of-the-art encryption and data protection measures. Moreover, DocuSend provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire document delivery process. Now any size company can customize their mailing preferences. The platform also offers features like batch processing, enabling start-ups to send multiple documents simultaneously, further enhancing their efficiency and scalability.
  • Multiple mailing features: DocuSend has various helpful features and distribution options to adapt to start-ups’ changing mailing needs. You can easily send emails via encrypted links with our secure DocuLink solution and it’s just as easy to send certified mail, marketing mail, and foreign mail.
  • Make cost-effective marketing mailing lightning fast: Every start-up needs advertisement, and there are many of them trying to promote their business without knowing the best way of managing marketing materials. You can quickly upload generic customer communications using a CSV address list. Start-ups can just give us a mailing list and promote their business to all the people in their target area while spending less than they would for traditional mailing. Or they can easily upload one or many generic flyers to include with each personalized document they send. Hand stuffing your brochures into envelopes and going to the post office to mail them can’t compare to sending an invoice with an insert right behind it to advertise a new service or give a discount for the next purchase.
  • Efficiency: DocuSend helps reduce errors and lessens the costs for undeliverable mail. Our address cleanup and NCOA-update service ensures the accuracy of your mailing addresses. Companies are typically charged extra for this service, but we include it for every user at no cost.
  • Because cost-effectiveness and the best use of time are so important for the success of start-ups, DocuSend emerges as a unique solution for their document delivery. By automating the process, we make invoice mailing as convenient as possible and reduce costs, so start-up businesses can focus on scaling, expanding their reach, and building a strong brand identity.
Printing and mailing services for startup businesses

Since DocuSend is so easy to use, doesn’t require you to install any software, and requires no investment, it’s risk-free. Since you don’t risk anything, why not try it now?

Getting Started with DocuSend for Your Startup

Getting started with DocuSend is easy. There are no contracts or monthly minimums, and no software to purchase or download. All you need is your desktop, an internet connection, and your documents in PDF format. Simply start uploading your documents. Once uploaded and paid, our team will take care of the rest. We will print them, stuff them into envelopes, and mail them on your behalf.

Printing and mailing services for startup businesses

You can also track the progress of the delivery with our Mail Trail service, which is included at no additional charge, and receive daily notifications in your personal portal. Plus, with our pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for the service you use, making DocuSend an affordable solution for startups of all sizes. So, there is no need to achieve a certain volume of documents to get started: You can use an automated service for one document or thousands. Besides, mailing with DocuSend is flexible: You can send your invoices and marketing letters as soon as you create them, no need to wait until you accumulate enough quantity to qualify for using a traditional mailing service.

We provide our users with different ways to upload. Besides sending your documents via our web app, you can integrate our REST API into your software. Our API will make mail management even easier for startups. Our API integration can be facilitated with the assistance of our developers and customer support team. And if you are using an accounting app such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks Online, you can connect them to our app and upload your invoices directly from your account.

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