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API For Internal Direct Connectivity

This DocuSend API integration is specifically designed as an efficient outsourcing solution for organizations that distribute invoices and statements directly to their customers. It essentially provides an on-demand mailroom you pay for only when you need it.

Direct API internal connectivity allows you to add a cloud-based mailroom without the costly overhead of maintaining a physical mailroom or outsourcing your mailing needs to an outside print vendor. By uploading your PDF documents via the API, it reduces steps and saves time by not having to upload the file to our website.

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Your company can eliminate inventory associated with bill distribution, along with leasing and maintenance agreements on mailing equipment, while reducing your labor costs. The average time spent on manually printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, and stamping 200 documents is about 2 hours. DocuSend: 1 to 2 minutes to upload; even faster via the API.

DocuSend is great for prescheduled mailings, such as invoices, billing statements, estimates, and CRM mailings. But many documents cannot be prescheduled because they are triggered by an event. Examples include late notices, estimates, purchase orders, rate changes and shutoff notices, among others. Distributing these documents is much more difficult to manage because there is no accurate way of predicting the volume or frequency. The DocuSend API solves this problem immediately, regardless of the file size. There are no minimum charges and no restrictions on volume or frequency.