DocuLink’s Enhanced Security Email Document Verification Service

Company that prints and mails documents

Email Solution Features

To ensure reliable and secure electronic bill distribution, we included the following built-in features:

Send Emails

Emails are sent from a source that is and will remain white-listed.

Email Management Solution Service

Customize messages and the sender’s email address.

Electronic Mail- Unopened report

Real-time reports of the document links that have not been opened.

Document Verification Service

Send a large volume of invoices and other sensitive documents at a low cost without fear of being blacklisted.

documents emailed verification

Provides a secure site where the documents can be viewed as opposed to exposing them to internet cybercrime.

Unopened email reports

Easy option to mail the document by USPS if the PDF link in the email was not opened.

Uses DocuSend’s prized PDF intellectual property. No data or programming required.

For your software users that send important documents electronically, DocuLink determines whether or not they have been opened. Provides a portal with real time reports for each user with the option to redistribute the document via USPS.

DocuSend E-mail Product
E-mail Document Solution

    DocuLink Benefits

  • Most businesses have customers that can't or don't want to receive sensitive documents via email. DocuLink sends documents according to their customer's needs and preferences.
  • The sender no longer has to guess if the invoice has been received.
  • Bill distribution becomes a remote touchless process, eliminating the overhead and reliance on manual operations.
  • Optimizes document security for users sending sensitive attachments through the internet.
  • Document exposed to internet cyber threats are curtailed.

How DocuLink Works

Encrypted Links

Email attachments are a favorite target of cyber criminals. DocuLink replaces email attachments with encrypted links that are built with flexible resend options.

Secure Portal

When the link is opened, the recipient accesses the document in a secure portal. The documents are never exposed to the internet. View and manage your vehicles

Real Time Reports

Real time reports indicate when and if each link has been opened. User determines what action to take if the link is not opened based on predetermined parameters or proactive protocols.

Send Unopened Documents via USPS

For example: If the link has been not opened within 4 business days, mail USPS on day 5.

DocuLink is the preferred distribution method for businesses with hybrid databases that need optimum security for electronic and hard copy delivery.