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Email Document Verification Service

DocuSend's portal provides you with that information through our DocuLink service. Initially the file will be marked as pending. When it has been sent, it will show the date emailed.
Emailing using DocuLink with your customized “sent from” email address will ensure that you will remain whitelisted. There is an unlimited number of emails that you can send with DocuLink.
Log in to the DocuSend portal and access your Image Bank. Enter customer name and click View Documents. Select, open and save the document to your computer. You'll then be able to attach it to an email to your customer. You can also select to mail it to them again via USPS.
Log in to the DocuSend portal. Access your Image Bank. Enter customer name and click View Documents. The most recent mailings for that customer are listed there. Select the document in question to review with the customer. Verify their mailing address or email address. You’ll be able to tell by the file date when the invoice was mailed. You can then either reprint the statement for mailing or email it to the customer.
Place the recipient's email address in the first line of the Mail To address block. Update your customer contact record with their email address on the first line.
Emails go out the same day that you complete your transaction.