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Online Mailing Frequently Asked Questions

Mailing from QuickBooks Online App FAQs

  • Click on the Sales tab in the left menu
  • Choose "Customers"
  • Select the customer whose address you need to update
  • Choose Edit
  • Save changes

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  • Select "Sales" from the left main menu
  • Then choose "Invoices"
  • Search for the invoices that you want to mail
  • Next to the receipt payment, select the View/Edit option from the drop-down menu
  • Review and fix the billing address if necessary
  • Click "Save"

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Yes, our cloud-based mailroom is the perfect solution for mailing your customer invoices from any accounting software. You can launch the DocuSend app from QuickBooks Online to retrieve your invoices and get them printed and mailed via USPS. For QuickBooks Desktop, print your invoice to PDF, upload it to and we'll take it from there. Or if you’re a FreshBooks user , we have an app in the FreshBooks app store too:

DocuSend makes mailing super easy! Batch all files you need to send via USPS mail from your QuickBooks Online account and upload to DocuSend. See instructions about how to batch documents in the the QuickBooks Online app.

After you upload your file, you'll be prompted in the DocuSend app to enter your credit card or PayPal info and can immediately process payment for your order. DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service, which means you pay only for handling the documents you upload, without additional fees for using it.

Yes, you can include a remittance envelope and use it with either plain or perforated paper. Once you connect to the DocuSend app from QuickBooks online, in the Job Specifications options you can select “Remittance Envelope,” then you can type and review the remittance address in the Review your order section.

We have free invoice templates that work with QuickBooks and other accounting software. Use our QuickBooks Online templates.

Check the box to mail later. All your documents, whether they are to be mailed or emailed, will then be in one file. DocuSend will separate out your emailed and physically mailed documents by looking for the email address on the first line of the Mail To address. Documents with an email address will have the paper copy suppressed.

No, there are no added service fees, monthly minimums, programming charges or contracts to sign. We charge one all-inclusive rate that includes printing, folding, inserting and mailing with first class postage, National Change of Address, and mail tracking. You also get access to a dashboard on the DocuSend Portal  for tracking all your mailing activity as well six months of document image access in the Image Bank for viewing, reprinting and distribution.

For QuickBooks desktop users, process your invoices and check "To be printed" for each invoice that needs to be sent. Save and close each invoice. When ready to "print" your invoices, go to the print function. Select File, then Print Forms. Choose Invoices. Select all the invoices you want to upload to our mailroom. Print to PDF. Upload that PDF file, and your invoices will be mailed within two business days. For QuickBooks Online users, prepare your invoices as normal. Launch the DocuSend app in the Intuit app store. Select mail options. Review the listing of documents in your shopping cart. Pay via credit card or PayPal. We do the rest. It's that easy!