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DocuSend - User IDs

Your User ID (email address) and temporary password will be assigned after you have uploaded and approved your first file. This information will appear on the final transaction page. You can log in to the portal and change your password as well as add additional users.
Initially, one User ID login and password is assigned to the email address listed when providing your payment information. You can add users in the DocuSend Portal.
  • Go to the portal.
  • Select the Admin tab.
  • Click on Edit Users
  • Then select “Add New.”
  • Fill in the required information and save.
Done! The new user will receive all credentials
Log in to the DocuSend Portal using your User ID and password that we provided to you. Click on Admin and then click on Change Password. Enter the current password and then a new password. Reenter the new password and click Change Password Now.
If you have more than one DocuSend account and forgot your password, select in the portal login section “Forgot Password,” and it will display a dropdown menu to select the name of the account for which you need a new password. DocuSend will send the new credentials to the registered email.
No, there are no monthly minimums or contracts to sign. DocuSend charges one all-inclusive rate that includes printing, folding, inserting and mailing with first class postage. You also get access to a dashboard on the DocuSend Portal for tracking all your mail activity as well six months of document image access in the Image Bank for viewing, reprinting and distribution.