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Certified Mail FAQs

Yes, you can send certified mail to PO boxes – but the process for a recipient getting a letter or package is different. The recipient will have a receipt in their box telling them to come to the desk to sign for the certified mail piece. The box holder has 15 days to respond.

  • A. With certified mail, you'll have proof that you sent it. You'll also see when it was delivered or that a delivery attempt was made.
  • B. Certified Mail provides proof of mailing and a record of delivery. Any First-Class Mail or Priority Mail piece can be sent Certified Mail, which is only available for addresses within the United States.
  • C. Although anyone can use Certified Mail, many companies use it to enable proof of mailing and secure delivery, as well as archival proof of delivery.
  • D. When the recipient has to physically sign for Certified Mail, it creates a sense of urgency to open and read the documents. Certified Mail also makes the documents more official and less likely to be thrown away.
  • E. Tracking keeps the sender informed of the mail piece delivery route. The USPS records the acceptance date and time the mail piece was sent and is scanned in-route to record when it enters and leaves each sorting facility.

Using DocuSend to send your certified documents is super easy. It provides a time- and cost-effective solution. Upload the PDF documents, click the “Review Individual Documents” button, then just select Certified in the Special Handling dropdown menu and click Save Changes.

Sending your document certified starts from $7.87 per envelope. To send certified mail with DocuSend: When you upload the PDF documents, click the “Review Individual Documents” button, then just select Certified in the Special Handling dropdown menu and click Save Changes.

Yes, as with any USPS product, delivery can be refused. Attempted delivery will be recorded.

Sending your invoice certified adds $7.30 per envelope to the cost. Select Certified in the Special Handling menu in the DocuSend shopping cart.  Certified Mail Pricing

No, you do not have to go to the post office to send certified mail. You can send it online using a third-party site, and DocuSend is one such site with no contracts or minimums. It's simple to use, cost effective and secure.

Certified Mail requires a signature, but it's not restricted delivery. Anyone at the recipient address may sign for it. When the document is received, the USPS will mark the item as Delivered.

You must include your return address on certified mail so that if the USPS cannot find the recipient, it will send the mail piece back to the return address.

Documents are mailed within two business days, and once the documents are processed you can check the certified tracking number in your DocuSend portal.

  • * To review the status of your documents, you should enter the tracking number on the USPS tracking page and click Track.
  • * On the USPS tracking webpage, you can select the method for getting updates about your mailed document.
  • * Select the option "All Below Updates" and include your email address in the given line. The system will keep you updated about the document mailed. You can even add more than one email address.

Tracking numbers are added to your DocuSend Report Portal under the Special Handling column within 24 hours of the document being mailed. Check your certified document in the Portal to see the certified tracking number.