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How to Certifiably Gain a Professional Edge

Send Certified Mail Online

When you have something important and secure to mail and you have to KNOW – or even be able to prove – that it was delivered, USPS Certified Mail will confirm that your documents have arrived at their intended destination. There are several options to prepare and track certified mail, but until now they have been time consuming, and expensive.

What’s the modern way to send certified mail?

Just print your documents to a PDF file and upload it to the DocuSend website. Then go to Review Individual Documents and select which documents you want to be mailed Certified under the Special Handling dropdown menu. Mail certified document from your computer

That's it – you're done! Your document tracking number will be posted on your DocuSend portal by the time it mails.

What is the easiest way to handle certified mail?

Here are a few examples of what you will be avoiding by using an online mailing service:

Certified mail from the Post Office:

  • Trips to the Post Office to acquire the certified mail forms
  • Manually writing all the required information on the forms
  • Removing the form backing and placing on the required area of the envelope
  • Storing receipts for physical documentation

Companies that use internal resources for certified mailing:

  • Meter rental service fees
  • Meter reset fees
  • Meter ink costs
  • Weight scale cost
  • Material costs including paper and envelopes
  • Manual labor to print, fold, stuff, seal, and apply postage

Certified mail using online services:

  • Register and pay monthly fees agreed to (if applicable)
  • Confirm that the service offers next-day tracking
  • Scan your document and upload to the website of your mailing service
  • Keep a copy of your proof of mailing as well as USPS proof of delivery

So, what's the bottom line?

Your business can gain a professional edge by avoiding any or all of the above time consuming, repetitive tasks simply by trying DocuSend. Once you’ve used us as your cloud-based mailroom, we're sure you'll never go back.

DocuSend is faster than buying a stamp – even for certified mail!

Certified Mail Online

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