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6 Ways Automation Will Help Your Business Thrive

Improve workflow

Automating parts of your workflow can do wonders for your business in a short time. Implementing various types of software can create shortcuts in your work processes and free your team up for more meaningful tasks.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you can automate many tasks, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Your employees no longer have to waste their precious time doing repetitive and mind-numbing work. Instead, they can focus on the more creative parts of the process.

Automation can improve your business in many ways. Here are some of the most important ones.

Automation Improves Overall Productivity

The main purpose of automation is to free up the workforce for higher-value tasks by leaving any repetitive and monotonous tasks to software. There are numerous automation tools online that can help businesses streamline their processes with ease.

For example, by automating the lead-nurturing process, your marketing staff gets more time to develop successful campaigns and plans for the future. This can be done in every department across your business, and the result is an overall boost in productivity because everyone can achieve more in less time.

Furthermore, your employees will be much happier if they don’t have to deal with boring and uninspiring tasks and can focus on something more interesting instead. Having to do the same thing over and over again can quickly become mind-numbing and lead to procrastination. By keeping their jobs more varied and their minds engaged, you get a more productive workforce.

It Streamlines Communication

Poor communication is one of the main reasons employees quit, and automation tools can help here as well. Internal communication can be challenging depending on how different team members connect to each other. One person can be responsible for relaying information to other people, who should spread the word further, and if there’s a communication break here, the entire project will suffer.

Various tools that make project management and team collaboration easier eliminate the need for middlemen, as tasks can be delegated automatically. This way, it’s crystal clear who needs to do what part of the project, and there’s no fear of people misunderstanding each other.

Also, when managers need to remind employees to complete a task, it can create unnecessary tension, as people may feel pressure and even mistake the reminder for animosity. You can avoid this problem by setting up automated notifications, which will remind each team member of their approaching deadlines.

It Increases Time Efficiency

Automating tasks saves tons of time for everyone, which means you can do a lot more work in a much shorter time. Some of these tools can drastically reduce the time necessary for the completion of a task and allow you to take on more customers.

Our DocuSend mailroom is a real lifesaver in that respect, as it allows you to send physical mail directly from the cloud. So if you need to send some documents on paper, you no longer have to print them, get them in an envelope, go to the post office, wait in line, etc. You can upload them to the cloud and use the online platform to mail them. When you’re done, we take care of the rest.

The time you’d spend on the entire mailing process, from printing to sending, is freed up to use focusing on your core responsibilities.

It Takes Customer Satisfaction to a New Level

When you’re a customer-facing business, you need to make sure your customer service is top-notch. With the use of automation tools, you can make the entire customer journey much more efficient and streamlined.

Thanks to the emergence of conversational AI chatbots, you can now let the software take care of your customers and rest assured that their needs will be met. These chatbots can hold natural conversations, understand customer intent perfectly, and assist them every step of the way.

They can help with everything, from onboarding and answering questions to proactively reaching out, customizing deals, and ensuring customer retention. No matter how great your live agents are, AI-powered bots have two advantages over them: bots are available around the clock, and they can assist any number of customers simultaneously.

By leaving the usual processes to automation software, you can free your employees to deal with the more complicated customer requests and issues.

It Saves Costs

Automation helps you make more money but also cuts costs in numerous ways. For example, by automating your administrative processes, you can save money on labor. You don’t have to hire as many workers and make sure your existing ones are satisfied.

Also, since automation tools improve your retention rates, you save tons of money on employee turnover. Employers spend more than 30% of an employee’s annual salary in the replacement process. Training new recruits can be expensive, so you want to keep your existing workforce for as long as possible.

It Leaves Less Room for Error

Once the software learns how to perform a task, it literally can’t make a mistake unless the input information is incorrect. Most tasks that are the easiest to automate, such as data entry and similar, are highly prone to human error; for example, it takes only one wrong digit to mess up a calculation and send a wrong invoice to a customer.

People are bound to have occasional slipups, no matter how careful they are, but automation tools practically eliminate the possibility of a mistake occurring, as long as they have access to the correct data.

This accuracy is the main reason why the insurance industry loves AI and automation. By cross-referencing vast amounts of data and taking into account every detail about a customer, the software can come up with an ideal, highly personalized policy deal in minutes.

While a human agent would have to check various databases manually and take their time, an automation tool can integrate with all the systems and databases and provide results instantly.

With so many different tools at your disposal at a highly affordable price, you can use automation to truly take your business to the next level and keep it thriving.

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