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QuickBooks online users: Invest 5 minutes, get back hours!

Written by: Alice Witherow, Director of Sales & Marketing, DocuSend.
Last Modified: October 30, 20
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Question: When does a 5-minute time investment pay back in spades?

Answer: When you try out the DocuSend app from the Intuit App Store for the first time to print and mail your invoices.

Based on averages, you're probably spending up to four hours to print, fold, stuff, and apply postage, even if you only send out a few hundred invoices each month.

As soon as they identify a tedious, routine task that's this time-consuming, far-sighted business owners realize that it's time to look into outsourcing.

And now more than ever, your competitors are doing their printing and mailing without leaving their desk—and spending the time they gain on advancing their business

Aside from handling the whole process remotely and avoiding going into a public space like the post office, they've discovered that their entire billing process can be reduced to only a few minutes with DocuSend. Even buying stamps online doesn't save you that kind of time!

You Do the Math

Invest 5 minutes to try it once, then run the numbers—it's easy to see that continuing to use it will pay you back hours month after month. It's hands-down the easiest and most cost-effective document distribution system in existence today.

There is no long-term commitment because DocuSend is a pay-as-you-go service, with no contracts, no hidden charges and no minimum quantity requirements. You can improve your cash flow too: bill when the work is completed—there's no reason to wait until the end of the month to process invoices. As everyone knows, the sooner invoices go out, the quicker you get paid.

If you are a QuickBooks desktop user, or if you use any other accounting or CRM software, you'll reap the same rewards when you upload your files directly to the DocuSend website.

Companies are using it for everything from letters to legal forms, estimates, billing statements, tax documents and more—you can even add an insert in the same envelope with your invoice.

Think your business is too small to have your own mailroom that can do all this?

Think again.

Now anyone can have their own mailroom in the cloud!

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