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Can Snail Mail Be an Insurance Policy?

Despite providers' push for paperless delivery, research shows nearly 75 percent of all transactional communications (bills and statements) are still being delivered to U.S. households by postal mail.✲ It's a clear indication consumers still want the choice to receive sensitive documents through the U.S. mail, and security is among the top three reasons why they do. The DocuSend API specifically is designed to give your clients the option to send pdfs via snail mail as easily as emailing them—and it may even protect your company’s reputation.

Even companies that have taken legal precautions to protect themselves from data breeches can wind up with a public relations disaster in the event their email server is hacked. The DocuSend API reduces your possible exposure by providing software users with the ability to mail their sensitive documents through the U.S. Postal Service. Think of it as insurance—if something happens, you want to be able to say you offered the option, but the client chose to use email instead.

When your client sends a document as an email attachment, it is all too common that the email never arrives. How many times has this happened to you? And if the email does arrive, many consumers are reluctant to open attachments for fear they may contain malware or a virus, even if they are familiar with the sender. That's why more and more companies are blocking all incoming emails with attachments that are sent to their employees.

A far worse scenario is when security is breached. We have all recently witnessed the viral press coverage that can occur when sensitive data is exposed. The damage to an organization's reputation can be harder to recover from than the legal repercussions.

DocuSend's print-to-mail API solution is some of the least expensive ''insurance'' you’ll ever get—it takes minutes to implement a ''Send U.S. Mail'' button or drop-down menu option—and it even has recurring revenue options for the software provider.

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  Created: June 27, 2017

Author: Jim Stewart, CEO Mail Technologies Inc and DocuSend

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