Things you may not know about the United States Postal Service:

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  • ✅ 71.4 billion — 2016 operating revenue. From mailing invoices to direct mail pieces, that's a lot of money, even by government standards.
  • ✅ 153.9 billion — Number of mail pieces processed and delivered.
  • ✅ 47 — Percent of the world's mail volume handled by the Postal Service. Pretty impressive, considering the U.S. has only 4.4% of the world's population.
  • ✅ 1.9 billion — Dollar amount paid every two weeks in salaries and benefits. How would you like to get a statement from your payroll company for that!
  • ✅ 53.4 million — Number of inquiries handled by the Postal Customer Care Center. Wonder how many were from people not getting their statements on time? Not many!
  • ✅ 0— tax dollars received for operating the Postal Service. How many government services can claim that!

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