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Bill Distribution Outsourcing Options: Size doesn’t matter anymore.

Bill processing vendors traditionally target companies with large, multidimensional client bases, offering complex, long-term service contracts that take months to negotiate, program, and implement. The services can vary substantially in price, but most provide significant savings over internally managed billing operations.

Businesses with client lists under 4,000 per billing period are often left out because they are considered too small to fit within the vendor's financial goals. The result is that many companies with small but important client bases use up valuable internal resources each month just to get their statements into their customers' hands. Those are the businesses DocuSend was designed to help.

Big or Small, DocuSend Doesn't Care

Just as small businesses use a service to distribute payroll, DocuSend does the same thing for your bill distribution. DocuSend addresses the concerns of managers who think of outsourcing as an expensive and time-consuming process. They find the high upfront costs and expensive service charges just plain discouraging.

DocuSend offers all the benefits of large billing contracts with none of the costly sting of long-term written agreements. With no monthly minimums, you can upload 5, 10, 100, or 1000 pdf documents in minutes for as little as 79 cents (includes first class postage) per mailed envelope. Also included in that price is a report portal and an archive and retrieval (Image Bank) system.

Think it's too good to be true? Just try it. DocuSend has a 95% customer retention rate since it was launched in July 2015. So however small you think you are, DocuSend is a rock-solid way to distribute your important documents and make your company more efficient.


  Created: August 16, 2016

Posted by Alice Witherow

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