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Running a Small Business? How Many Hats Are You Wearing Today?

Running a Small Business

As one hat said to the other... you stay here, and I'll go on a head! Does that sound familiar? It's hard for a small business to get "ahead" when you're wearing so many hats—owner or partner, chief technician, head marketer, accounting clerk, invoice mailer…

You've got to do it all, but finding the time… well that’s another story.

It doesn't matter whether your printing and mailing hat is a 10-gallon sombrero or a small beret, DocuSend will wear it for you. It's the simple way to automate the mundane, time-consuming, but all-important task of printing and mailing invoices, billing statements, estimates and letters.

We invented DocuSend because we knew there was a faster and easier way to get your invoices in the mail.

We’re here to support small business owners in the United States and around the globe to quickly get their invoices into the US postal system. DocuSend allows sending any number or documents via USPS as fast as sending an email. And we do it for a low price without contracts, minimum volumes, registration or monthly service fees.

We also let you forget about buying and stocking materials like envelopes, paper, stamps, and printer ink.

It only takes a few clicks to upload the PDFs of your documents from your computer, while staying at your home or office, and it’s half the cost of mailing them yourself. They will arrive to your clients much faster than traditional stamped mail because we presort your mail pieces by zip code and automatically apply the Intelligent Mail barcodes to speed them up in the USPS stream.

To reduce your expenses even more, our merge feature allows you to upload multiple files and combine those with duplicate addresses in the same envelope, and our two-sided printing option allows you to minimize the number of mailed sheets if needed. We provide archiving of your mailed documents unless you opt out by selecting the HIPAA feature. In your personal portal, the information on your activity and expenses is stored for 6 months, and it is possible to resend the documents again as US mail or as an email. Uploading a batch of invoices, you can decide which of them go as First-Class US mail, and which will be sent as certified mail or via email just by selecting the required distribution option from the menu. You can upload one or many PDFs of flyers and they will be printed in color or black and white and added to each document of your batch as the last page(s) in each envelope.

One more great thing is our free tracking service called Mail Trail. Just go to your personal portal and check the current location of every mailed document. You will see the zip code of the last postal facility where it was scanned, all the way to the final one.

DocuSend: Your Company’s Private Mailroom in the Cloud

DocuSend prints and mails documents from any software program that generates PDFs, and it can be used as an online app via our website or integrated to the accounting software via our API. And don’t worry about your document’s address placement. Just follow the prompts on the screen to identify where they are, and we’ll wear that hat for you too.

Even more, before printing your invoices, we compare your mailing addresses to the USPS National Change of Address database (NCOA) using special software to reduce the risk of sending undeliverable mail.

So, to recap, we only wear one hat at DocuSend, but that's one less that you'll have to put on while daily running your business, and it’s a big one too. We are experts in the mail processing field with more than 30 years of experience. We found a way to make online print-to-mail cost effective, affordable and efficient for even the smallest of businesses to use.

Try the DocuSend cloud-based mailroom just once and we're sure you'll tip your hat to us (at least the ones you still need to wear!). It's cutting edge... it's exciting... it’s easy… and it's sure to give you the time you need to grow your business. Visit us today at for more information.

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