The Cloud-Based Mailroom

Company that prints and mails documents

Send US Mail and Email from a Single Cloud-Based Platform

Cloud Based Mailroom
  • * Eliminates trips to the Post Office
  • * Cuts internal mailing costs in half
  • * No minimums, contracts or setup fees
  • * Works with any accounting system or software
  • * Eliminates paper, envelope, and stamp inventory
  • * Eliminates mailing equipment leases and maintenance contracts
  • * Portal included for mailing history and document images
  • * Removes overhead associated with internal mailing operations
Email Solution DocuLink
  • * Customize your recipient message and 'from' email address
  • * Emailed documents are not exposed to internet cybercriminals
  • * Send a large volume of email without fear of blacklisting
  • * Eliminates internet security issues related to email attachments
  • * One-click option to mail documents by USPS when links are unopened
  • * Real-time reports indicate documents that have not been viewed; no guessing
  • * Customers receive electronic or paper documents according to their preferences

Send your documents to the U.S. Post Office without leaving your desk

Pricing DocuSend Mailing Process

Send Any Letter-sized PDF Document


DocuSend works with any accounting, billing or CRM software that produces documents containing a valid mailing address.

Reasons to Use DocuSend as Your Cloud-Based Mailroom

It’s faster than buying a stamp!

  • Immediate ROI - Save an average of 50% off your internal mailing costs
  • All-inclusive pricing, starting at $0.94/envelope covers materials, labor and first class postage
  • Calculate Your Savings by entering the number of documents to be mailed and hit go

Web-Based Printing & Mailing Service

Choose the program that works best for your business

DocuSend is simple, straightforward and built to accommodate your business needs Pricing