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As part of our commitment to help small businesses grow, many of our blogs will be focusing on a variety of small to medium business (SMB) experiences, including those of DocuSend's management team and our founder, Jim Stewart. He started DocuSend's parent company and shares his insights into bootstrapping businesses and launching new products like DocuSend. More importantly, we are providing an informal forum for you to share your professional knowledge and expertise with our fellow SMBs on our blog page because your comments and suggestions will help all of us grow.

Will Your SMB Survive the Unexpected?

Will Your SMB Survive the Unexpected?

What does a canoe adventure have to do with your #smallbusiness surviving the unexpected? You'd be surprised! Read the parallels from our CTO here. Read More →


How to Save Printing Costs When Sending Invoices

Struggling with high invoice printing costs? Our latest article reveals practical ways to reduce printing costs for your business invoices. Read More →

United States Postal Service Story

Why Do Americans Love Their Postal Service?

Why is the US Postal Service so appreciated? Read these interesting facts about how popular the Postal Service is among Americans. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Let’s All Drink to the First Post Office in America!

Do you know how the first Post Office in the USA got started? Read this entertaining blog on its beginnings... all the way back in 1669. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Bill Distribution Outsourcing Options: Size doesn't matter anymore

Get all the benefits of large billing contracts without the sting of long-term written agreements. Big or small, DocuSend doesn't care. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Mail PDFs Online

PDFs are more powerful than you think! Explore the solution that effortlessly transitions PDFs of your invoices and documents into real paper mail, delivered by USPS. Find out more.Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Set Up Your Identity with These Simple Templates for Your Business Websites

As you embark on your business website design process, make sure your brand identity is set before starting. Read practical tips in this article. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

How to Switch from Internal Mailing to a Cloud-Based Mailroom: A Step-by-Step Guide

Still stuck with manual handling of your invoices and documents? Discover how to start outsourcing your paper mail distribution. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Why Does DocuSend CASS Your Addresses?

Do you know what is the purpose of CASS certification? This article explains its role in automating the mailing process, and how it enhances address accuracy including Zip+4 codes and cuts your mailing expenses.Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

How to stand out from the competition in organic search results: Look for better keywords.

Do you understand the concept of SEO? Probably... but implementation can be complex. Our SEO expert will take you through some of the basics on how to improve your SEO techniques. Read More →

The Multicultural Workplace: Crossing The “Time Line”

Discover the fascinating differences in how two types of cultures, monochronic and polychronic, perceive and utilize time, and how this impacts our workplace and personal relationships. Read More →

Mailroom Outsourcing Service

Boost Efficiency: Outsourcing Mailing Invoices

Handling your business mail internally and need to conquer the challenges of volume increase and fluctuations, along with equipment limits? Find out how to overcome these difficulties by outsourcing to specialized mailing services. Read More →

Online Mailing Service

How to Mail Online Without Leaving Home

Are you currently working from home but still need to mail important documents and invoices to your clients? Find out about the tool that makes it fast and easy, completely eliminating the need to go out, as well as printing and folding, stuffing envelopes, and applying postage. Read More →

Cloud-Based Mailroom Automation

The Limitations of Tracking Mail: It Can't Be Right All the Time, Even in the Cloud

First-Class Mail tracking can prove to be a great value, but only under the right circumstances. This article explains when to use it and when it's better to pass it up.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Difficult Employee or Potentially Great? A Just Culture View Brings Out Everyone’s Best

Difficult employees or hidden gems? The Just Culture model helps to find the right approach for each team member.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

What Does It Take to Keep Your Business in Top Shape?

Read how the same approach we use to maintain our well-being can be applied to keeping your business performance on top. Read More →

Secure US mail

Strategies to Protect Your Small Business from Constantly Advancing Cyber Fraud

What schemes are cyber scammers using today to get your sensitive data, and what can businesses do to prevent the security risks? Read More →

Security in E-mail Invoicing

10 Reasons Why People Are Upset about Email Security

This article sums up why people are feeling more and more overwhelmed and controlled by their inboxes, and offers a way you can help them out of their dilemma—one that will even save you money. It's a win-win!Read More →

Business at home

Make Your Invoices a Marketing Tool

Have you ever thought of your invoices as a marketing tool? Discover how the right approach to their design can help you promote your business and save costs on marketing material.Read More →

Business at home

Agile Managers Look for Companies That Print and Mail Documents. Do You Know Why?

In the race against competitors, businesses must find optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their operations. Read how adopting digital technologies for automated business mailing can contribute to your business development.Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

Keeping Your Products and Services Relevant in a Highly Competitive Landscape

Ready to take your business to the next level? Find out how to actively explore and address customer demands to gain a competitive advantage for your product or service.Read More →

Business at home

Business at Home May Be the New Normal, and Here’s How You Can Start

Your home can be the perfect place to run your business! This article gives helpful advice on overcoming remote work challenges and organizing a productive home-based environment. Read More →

Business Tips

How to Use National Change of Address for Your Business

Minimize returned mail and improve customer response rates. Read More →

Business Tips

Empowerment by Empathy

Read how to create an empowering work environment, leading to personal and professional growth for the entire team.Read More →

Cloud-Based Mailroom Automation

Why Video Is the Missing Piece in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Creating video content is a great way to grab attention for your business, engage, and spread your message. Read how to integrate videos into your B2B marketing plan. Read More →

Business Tips: Cloud-Based Mailroom Automation

The Cloud-Based Mailroom: An Enormous Resource for Any Organization That Mails Documents

Read about the numerous benefits of automated mailing for your small business and why it is a valuable solution for streamlining your mailing processes. Read More →

Cloud-Based Mailroom Automation

Supporting Startups: How DocuSend Empowers Emerging Enterprises

Need a helping hand to efficiently manage your startup's mail? Our print-to-mail automation service is here to support you. Find out. Read More →

Business tip: Cloud-Based Mailroom Automation

The Cloud-Based Mailroom Gives Small Business Owners What They Want: A Choice

Adopting a cloud-based mailroom solution can empower small business owners with the ability to select the most suitable option for their mailing requirements, granting them crucial flexibility. Read more.Read More →

small business impact on economy

Small Businesses, Big Hearts

Although the National Small Business Week celebration is over, we still honor small businesses and their great economic and social impact on our country. Learn more. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

How to Take Your Project or Business from Idea Stage to Reality

Ready to turn your business idea into a reality? Discover the essential steps to bring your project to life. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

An Anecdotal Account of Working Remotely for the Non-Remote Personality

Dave´s perspective on making remote work for him. Read Dave's tips for better managing communications and distractions, while balancing remote work with your personal life.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

A Guide for Entrepreneurs Struggling with Business Finances

These tips on managing your business finances will help you take control of your cash flow and create a solid foundation for further growth. Read more. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

The Advantages of Invoice Mailing Apps for QuickBooks Online Users

Why should small business owners consider an invoice mailing application? Automating this repetitive task that doesn't require your management expertise is a smart business decision.Read More →

Security in E-mail Invoicing

Will You Be the Victim of a Merger—Or Will You Come Out on Top?

Depending on how prepared small businesses are, a merger can either affect them negatively or open up new opportunities. How can you benefit from a merger?Read More →

Security in E-mail Invoicing

How Can I Mail Invoices without Leaving My Workplace or Home?

Mailing your invoices via USPS from your computer is easy. Find out how to spend no more than a few minutes on your business mailing without even leaving your home. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

How to Hire If You Are a Fully Remote Business

In this article, we explore the best practices for hiring in a fully remote environment in order to employ the best talent for your business.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Running a Small Business? How Many Hats Are You Wearing Today?

As one hat said to the other... you stay here, and I'll go on a head! How can SMB owners get ahead when they're wearing so many hats? Wouldn't it be great if you could wear one less hat? It doesn't matter the size of your printing and mailing; DocuSend will wear that hat for you. Read More →

Customer Service Tips for Smmall Businesses

Customer Experience for Beginners: Tips for Your Small Business

This guide has tips to help you integrate an effective customer service strategy for a better experience. Read More →

Security in E-mail Invoicing

Cyber Scam Targets Small Businesses through Their Accounting Software.

This clever phishing scam is the latest fraudulent attempt to con small businesses. Protection against cybercrimes is the central reason more and more consumers don't want their bills and legal documents sent to their personal email addresses.Read More →

home-based business tips

How to Find More Home Space for a Growing Home-Based Business

Is your home-based business outgrowing your home? Then you'll want to consider these options to create more space so you can keep growing. Our guest blogger, Tina Martin, provides some useful insights. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Where’s My Mail? 9 Things to Check if Your Mail Doesn’t Arrive

If you are not receiving USPS mail to your mailbox, here are the main things you should check. Read more. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Are You Taking Your Business for Granted?

A business founder faces compromises to job security, recreation time, personal finances, investments, social life, and medical benefits. For some, the exhilaration of building an enterprise from the ground up makes it all worthwhile.Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

Why Billing and Invoicing Software Companies Are Outsourcing Their On-Demand Mailroom Service

More and more software developers are looking to partner with a mailroom expert to provide their end users with access to a cloud-based mailroom. And they're looking for easy API integration. Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

Servant Leadership: Discovering the Real Thing

How do you identify a false leader? This is an article about a change of perspective on leadership, based on the experiences of Abigail (DocuSend programmer). She tells us how consideration from bosses to employees can be very effective on a professional level.Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

7 Tips on Finding Employees Who Best Fit Your Business

The right team is essential to your company's prosperity and ability to overcome challenges. These tips will help you find the best employees for your company. Read more.Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Online Visibility

You probably know that social media is a part of your business' success online, but do you know how? Social media strategy as it relates to your online visibility can be critical in getting the right people to see and visit your website. Read More →


Get Faster Business Mail Delivery, Lower Postage and Free Tracking Too

Not only can you reduce your delivery time for First Class and Marketing Mail, but you can also get free tracking and cut your mailing costs in half. Find out. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Tech and Software Worth Investing In as a Small Business Owner

These technical tools and software are worth spending money on, as they will help small business owners save their time and ease their budget. Read more. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Does Your Canadian Business Have Customers in the United States?

Canadian businesses: with DocuSend, your U.S. customers will see exactly what they owe at first glance because the balances are in U.S. currency. No calculators and no pesky conversion tables. They'll be thrilled!Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

Want to Bring More People to Your Business's Website? Treat It Like Your Pet!

When was the last time you updated your business's website? If you're scratching your head, you might be losing out on a lot of prospective clients. But fear not; you can resurrect your website and attract new customers if you treat it like a living thing. Read More →

Monotonous Work Affects Your Business Productivity

How Monotonous Work Affects Your Business Productivity, and What to Do about It

Read why the monotony of your work tasks can decrease your efficiency and what you can do to beat it. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Financial Pitfalls to Avoid So Your Startup Keeps Growing

Read about some of the financial dangers that startup businesses might face that could have a huge impact on their long-term growth. By being cognizant of these pitfalls ahead of time, you can hopefully eliminate some financial turmoil. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Some Amazing (and Hilarious) Statistics About How Your Invoices Reach Their Destinations

This article is a peek into some of the more surprising facts about the centuries-old U.S. postal system. You'll be amazed as well as amused!Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Faster Than Buying a Stamp

We explain why it's true that using DocuSend is faster than buying stamps. So, how does that give small business owners an immediate return on the time they invest? Read More →

Online Mailing Services

Integration to Other Companies’ Software: Benefits Your Service Could Reap

Integrating your app with other companies’ software can scale your profits and enable new opportunities for your business. Learn more.Read More →

Online Mailing Services

How Americans Can Help the World Environment

Being one of the largest solid-waste generators in the world, we need to commit to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint so future generations can enjoy the result of our effort. Read this article for some useful tips that we can all implement at our homes and businesses.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

3 Ways to Ensure Your Distributed Team Moves Your Business Forward

With remote workers becoming more common, it's important to put processes in place to make sure there are open lines of communication with your team of distributed workers. Read more on how to build a great team of motivated remote workers. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Work from Anywhere, Mail from Anywhere

You can use DocuSend's print-to-mail service at your own convenience and at the same time cut down on your vehicle use to reduce your carbon footprint. Think of the environmental impact if everyone skipped trips to buy paper, envelopes, print cartridges, and stamps.Read More →

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Don't Make These Common Mistakes When Naming Your Brand—Here's How to Avoid Them

What should a good and memorable company name be? In our blog, we share some helpful rules and tips from brand-naming professionals. Learn more.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Practical Tips for Creating a Fantastic Website for Your Small Business

What's the one thing that your business needs to serve your customers well? It's a good website. Read about these practical tips for building an appealing and well-designed website for your SMB.Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Is Printing Invoices in Color Cost Effective?

DocuSend Color IS Effective. Add attention-getting color to earn customer trust, deliver value, and unlock new revenue opportunities.Read More →

Mail Delivery Times Using DocuSend

How Long Will My Mail Take to Be Delivered from DocuSend?

If you mail from DocuSend, you get an easy way to track your mail’s delivery. It helps to find out how much time the mail usually takes to arrive in different states. Read more. Read More →

SEO Tips for Business Owners

Is Posting Guest Blogger Articles on Your Site a Good or a Bad Idea?

Some blogs experience the benefits of posting guest articles, and others are penalized from Google. What makes the difference? What can you do to make yours a safe site and keep it out of danger from posting guest blogs? Read this article and draw your own conclusions.Read More →

Use Tech and Innovation to Grow Your Business

How to Use Tech and Innovation to Grow Your Business

Technology and innovation are linked to the growth of your business. Improvement often involves changing the way we do some things. Read this article for ideas to improve your business efficiency.Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

The Before and After of DocuSend

DocuSend uses new and innovative technology, but like so many modern marvels, it had its roots back in the '70s.Read More →

Remittance Envelope Importance

Can a Remittance Envelope Speed Up Your Client’s Payment?

Remittance envelopes are called upon to make the process of receiving your payment faster. Read why adding a remittance envelope to your bill is a good idea. Read More →

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Top Ways Your Business Website Can Save You Time and Money

Read on for insight on how to leverage online automation to reduce mundane tasks and keep your business running smoothly even when you aren't there. Read More →

Canadian Businesses Can Use DocuSend to Mail to US Customers

Canadian Businesses Can Use DocuSend to Mail to US Customers

Are you a Canadian business that has US clients? Read why mailing invoices from Canada to the US using DocuSend is a really cost- and time-efficient solution. DocuSend is located in the USA, and we print and mail your invoices, billings statements and letters for you. Learn more.Read More →

Improve Data Protection

Small Business Owners Can Keep Important Data Safe with These Practices

Giving more attention to safety is crucial for modern businesses. Defend your customers’ important data from cybercriminals. Learn more. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

What a Fearful Thing a Neglected Duty Becomes!

Backing up your data and other unexciting chores may seem less important than activities that directly generate sales, but neglecting them can drag you down—or even shut down your business!Read More →

business tips for small business owners

How to Mail Letters or Invoices Internationally

Nowadays, the internet and cloud services are providing lots of opportunities to gain an international market. This tendency is motivating businesses now more than ever to extend their market outside their country's borders. Here you'll find some steps to follow and get your international letter, invoice or document out the door. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Return on Investment (ROI): Is DocuSend a No-Brainer?

Business owners value their time and money. That’s why they invest in changes that improve the cost-efficiency of their work. Trying this service once, even without calculating ROI, you will see it will pay off right from the start. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Entering Partnerships with 20/20 Vision

Making adjustments to find the right support structures is a prerequisite for any growing business, and for SMBs the importance of finding the right partner is magnified. Read More →

Security in E-mail Invoicing

To Mail or Not to Mail?

Even in the electronic age, many consumers prefer to receive important documents in the mail—here's why. Read More →

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

If you are Buying Online Postage Stamps, don’t fall victim to stamp fraud: here’s what happens if you buy bogus stamps

Counterfeit stamps have become widely spread in the last few years. This article will tell you how USPS recognizes if the stamp is real. Read how to spot scammers and how to cut your postal expenses in a safer way.Read More →

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

The Under-Engaged Brain

Research shows that high intellect doesn’t save us from making mistakes. Being smart is not the same as using all the abilities of your brain effectively. Keeping your brain engaged is one more helpful skill for life and business. Read more. Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

Harvest more referrals: sustainable marketing through interconnectivity

Differences between traditional small and medium-sized business marketing techniques and the rapidly changing digital marketing methods of today. Read More →

API Benefits

The Power of APIs: Is API Integration Good for Small Businesses?

APIs are used in many fields these days. Could your business benefit from integrating with an API? Read this article for some insights. Read More →

Why Do Businesses Still Struggle with Change

If Progress Is Inevitable, Why Do Some Businesses Still Struggle with Change?

Even the most dedicated advocates of progress sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by rapid changes in technology. Why do some businesses struggle more than others? Read More →

Small Business Owners Ideas

Print-to-Mail API for Small Businesses

Add useful DocuSend features to your software! Integrate with our API and your users will love the advantages of quick access to our mailroom. Learn more. Read More →

Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

How Inbound Marketing & SEO Can Cooperate on Converting Leads to Sales

Attract, engage, delight. Is your company focusing on these three stages of #inboundmarketing? Read how this will help your business stand out from your competitors. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

What Is a Cloud Security Assessment and Why Is It Important?

To effectively protect your business from attacks, detect potential risks in advance. Read moreRead More →

business tips for small business owners

If Your Small Business Has Experienced Failure, You're in (Very) Good Company

When passing through hard times, being able to consider failure as a useful experience is a common characteristic of business owners who finally reach success. Here are some great examples for your inspiration.Read More →

Small Business Tips

How DocuSend Works with FreshBooks

If you are a FreshBooks user and tired of having to print and mail your invoices manually, try a really time-saving and cost-effective solution. Read more. Read More →

Small Business Tips

Less Stress Can Mean Achieving More for Busy Professionals and Business Owners

Is stress effecting your productivity at work? Here are 6 tips to help you better manage your stress levels. #SMB #Smallbusinessowner Read More →

Mailing Service that keeps improving

The Mailing Solution That Just Keeps Getting Better

Read how our cloud-based print-to-mail solution and its many features got started and how they can greatly assist your business.Read More →

Technology changes and business relation

What's in Your Future? A Look at the Past Half Century of Changes

In recent decades there has been a high level of technological advancement aimed at making our everyday life better. Learn more about the vast difference we have between life today and the life of 50 years ago. Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Top 5 reasons to use DocuSend as your print-to-mail solution

Are you making a resolution for the new year? It is crucial to make decisions that will improve your productivity. Here is a great New Year’s resolution that you need to consider. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

How to Have Employees Who Don’t Want to Leave

Read how to build trust between employees and management to reduce staff turnover and make your business more effective.Read More →

business tips for small business owners

The Most Common Cash Flow Problem Facing Small Businesses (And How to Solve It)

You may not believe it, but the simplest task may be the one that is losing your company money. Find out if this is true in your case and how to solve the problem and start improving the financial health of your company.Read More →

Small Business importance in the US

Are Small Businesses in the US Too Big to Fail?

Just how important are small businesses to the future of our country? Read our CEO's perspective on SMBs.Read More →

Small Business Tips

The Importance of Data Privacy Regulations for Your Business

Data privacy is more important than ever these days. People want assurance that companies are protecting their data, so data privacy has become a major factor in marketing. Read More →

Small Business Tips

Keep Up to Date on These 7 Money-Saving Tips for Your Business

Read these good business tips to help you reduce your #SMB operating costs this year. Not only do technology and services change at a rapid pace, so does pricing. And if you don't have time to review your plans yourself, consider hiring a Third Party Administrator to help you out. Read More →

Features of Mailing Online

The Why and How of Certified Mail

How Does Online Certified Mail Work? Track and verify delivery for mandated or sensitive documents. Read More →

Google prioritize accessibility website

Create an Accessible Website

Business websites that prioritize accessibility will be in a great position to reap benefits. Business owners and website designers should understand and review company sites to accomplish Google metrics — and understand how they correspond to the principles of accessibility. Read More →

security tips to mail invoices

DocuLink: Solving the Problems Inherent in Sending Sensitive Documents by Email

Send emails with DocuLink. It is the preferred distribution method for businesses with hybrid databases that need optimum security for both electronic and hard copy delivery Read More →

security tips to mail invoices

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Imitated but never duplicated: why content plagiarism doesn't pay off in the long run. Has anyone ever stolen your web content? Speak out and tell us about it. Read More →

automation helps your business productivity

7 Technologies to Adopt to Save Time and Money

Read the latest article about keeping your business growing by taking advantage of technology to increase productivity. Read More →

security tips to mail documents

Trojan Horse. Don't invite Trojan software and apps onto your system!

Knowing about how they function can help you avoid them. How do you know a Trojan when you see it? Is that online service, game, or print driver safe to download? Some advice from a CTO.Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

When Customers Behave Badly: Ways To Respond

Customers get upset for a variety of reasons. Read this blog for ways to best manage your customer relationships. Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

How to Prevent the August 2021 Postage Rate Increase from Affecting Your Business

The price of First Class stamps is increasing, but there are ways for your business to reduce costs to help your bottom line. This article will give you helpful ideas. Read More →

SEO tips for startups and small business owners

What Is a Data Retention Policy and How Do You Update It in Google Analytics?

Did you know that Google Analytics deletes data from their servers? Do not let that scare you! The GA Data Retention controls let you set the amount of time before user-level and event-level data stored by GA is automatically deleted from Analytics servers. This article has the instructions on how to review the settings.Read More →

Online mail services vs others

6 Ways Automation Will Help Your Business Thrive

Automating business workflow can help your business tremendously in a short time. Michael Dean, guest blogger, shares 6 Ways Automation Will Help Your Business Thrive.Read More →

Mailing Online Features

How to Certifiably Gain a Professional Edge

There are several options to prepare and track certified mail, but they are tedious, time consuming, and expensive. So, how do you get around all that? Read More →

Online mail services vs others

What Is the Difference between DocuSend, DocSend and DocuSign Services?

With names so similar, it is easy to get confused. That's why we explain the difference between these three services in this article.Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

The Basics of Keeping a Team Motivated

As a small business owner, you may ask yourself, How do I make my employees feel valued? We all know that employees who enjoy coming to work are naturally much more productive. Here are some essentials of team motivation to make your employees happy on the job right now! Read More →

Online Marketing Sales

Make Your Business More Visible with a Prominent Social Media Profile

Boost the visibility of your social media profiles following these useful tipsRead More →

Online Sales Security

How to Help Prevent eCommerce Fraud

During the confinement produced by the outbreak people have had to change their purchasing methods—selling online has become the key to success for many businesses, but it also exposes them more to the world of cybercrime. Read this article to find useful tips to avoid eCommerce fraud.Read More →

Small Business Marketing Strategies and Tips

Latest Google analytics updates: Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4

Google launched the latest update of its web analytics service, and we share some facts in this article that business owners should know when measuring their website’s performance. Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

How Outsourcing Can Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Running a business is hard work. Instead of flying solo, consider outsourcing some of your tasks to alleviate the stress and demands on your time. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Are Your Customers Opening Your Invoices?

There is no reliable way to know if documents attached to emails are read by the recipient, but having this ability would be great for small business owners. Good news! DocuLink, the new email feature from DocuSend, has the solution for you. It tracks and reports unopened PDF links so you can easily resend the document via US mail.Read More →

Online Mailing Services

The Funnel, Its Influence on Marketing Strategies and How to Create One

If you are wondering what a funnel is and how it relates to sales strategies, this blog might be of interest to you. This article points out some important tools you can use to optimize your sales strategy.Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

Can DocuSend Help CFOs Save American Companies from the Costly Ordeal of Stuffing Envelopes?

Snail mail technology that can save U.S. firms billions of dollars. The newest and best solution for sending documents by mail, whether just a few or a big batch. Is there a way to avoid the onerous task of stuffing envelopes? Read More →

security tips to mail invoices

What is the safest way to mail sensitive documents?

Protect Your Business and Your Clients. Mail as Easily as Emailing with US Mailing Security. Consumers are not afraid to open a document delivered by the US mailRead More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

How Safe Is Sending Financial Documents Through the Internet? It Depends on Your Cybersecurity.

Cybercrime is rampant and most likely you've experienced an attempt to steal your login or password info and quite possibly even financial info via fake emails. What can you do to reduce the risk of email impersonation attacks to your business? We've got some insights for you. Read More →

business tips for small business owners

Get Invoices Paid Quicker

The best way to improve business cash flow is to automate the invoice payment cycle. We make it easy to invoice your client as quickly as possible'so don't wait for month-end closeout!Read More →

Online Mailing Services

Teamwork Strategies for Working from Home

Teamwork is not just about good relationships between coworkers, it’s also about communication, organization and coordination. To achieve all this when working remotely is more complicated. In this article we share some ideas to help your group achieve effective remote teamwork.Read More →

print-to-mail advantages for small business owners

What is the best choice for mailing customer invoices remotely?

There's no better way to get customer documents from QuickBooks and other accounting software to the U.S. postal service than DocuSend's complete web-based document printing, inserting, mailing and reporting package.Read More →

Online Mailing Services

How to Set and Accomplish Goals for This New Year…and Beyond

Setting lifegoals can keep you motivated and focused on the path you must walk to become your best self. In this article, Katherine, our SEO Expert, would like to share some advice to set goals and accomplish them the SMART way.Read More →

small business impact on economy

Are Small Business Owners Being Treated Fairly?

The same rules should apply for all businesses regardless of size: small and large alike should be represented based not on political affiliation, but on the importance of the role they play in the nation's long-term economic success.Read More →

Online Mailing Services

Why Is Process Documentation Important for Your Business?

One of the most important things that businesses must have is a solid database with all the processes and procedures documented to streamline their teamwork. Read this blog to learn about the importance of good process documentation. Read More →

Small Business Marketing Tips

Can Snail Mail Be an Insurance Policy?

With Americans becoming more uncomfortable with cyber security issues, there are steps you can take as a business owner to ensure that their important documents are sent and received securely. Read More →

Online Mailing Features

What Do Those Postal Sorting Machines Being Dismantled Actually Do?

Did you know that high-speed processing equipment that belongs to the United States Postal Service is in the eye of the hurricane? Read this blog to find out what those machines do.Read More →

Online Mailing Features

QuickBooks Online Users: Invest 5 minutes, get back hours!

Do you spend more than one hour printing, folding, stuffing and applying postage? If so, read this article to learn how you can automate this process in less than 5 minutes.Read More →

Online Mailing Services

Hi-Tech Innovations in Document Distribution Systems Focuses on Safety and Cost

The COVID crisis has fueled new tools to help your business and employees stay safe. Although many recent innovations were designed to specifically to address this disease, will they all survive the pandemic? Read More →

Turn invoices into a marketing tool

6 Ways to Turn Your Customer Invoices into a Marketing Instrument

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business tips for small business owners

Can Your Company Use This Technology to Maximize Business Efficiency?

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Want to Start a Business? The Pandemic Might Be Good Timing

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