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In these posts you'll learn how to maximize the advantages of using an all-in-one, complete document delivery process to reach out to your customers—in ways you may not have thought of! And you'll pick up some interesting tidbits of information along the way.

DocuSend Mailing Proces is faster than buying a stamp

Cyberthieves Target US Small Businesses

Only the best services and products get copied.

Want an example?

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DocuSend Mailing Proces is faster than buying a stamp

Is DocuSend Really ''Faster Than Buying a Stamp''?

We explain why it's true that using DocuSend is faster than buying stamps. So, how does that give small business owners an immediate return on the time they invest?

Ready to Discover the Answer?

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US small business

Are Small Businesses in the US Too Big to Fail?

Small business is the backbone of US commerce and places you at the heart of the national economy.

Why Are Small Businesses Important to the US Economy?

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Sending certified documents

The Why and How of Certified Mail

How Does Certified and Registered Mail Work?

Certified versus Registered | Get Down to Business with Certified Mail| What Price Peace of Mind?

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DocuSend help business to save money and time

Can DocuSend Help CFOs Save American Companies from the Costly Ordeal of Stuffing Envelopes?

Snail mail technology that can save U.S. firms billions of dollars.

Have your managers try it just once, and they will be thanking you for eliminating this tedious manual task forever.

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Careful with print driver

Trojan Horse

Don't Let Them Loot You

Even if the website is legitimate, if it is not secure, a hacker can come in and swap out something you are about to download for an infected copy.

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2018 Automated Document Delivery

Top 5 Reasons You Need DocuSend in 2018

Here are five key reasons why your business should try DocuSend in this new year.

This incredible document distribution solution, help you to manage and distribute customer invoices.

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2018 Automated Document Delivery

The Web-Based Mailing Solution That Just Keeps Getting Better

DocuSend would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our growing list of users.

This 2018 DocuSend will launch a new feature to mail any document regardless of where the addresses are located.

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Send Certified Mail Online

How to Certifiably Gain a Professional Edge

There are several options to prepare and track certified mail, but they are tedious, time consuming, and expensive.

So, how do you get around all that?

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Email—The Favorite Weapon for Cyber Criminals

Something's Phishy: November 2017 Cybercrimes Update

Protect Your Business and Your Clients. Mail as Easily as Emailing with US Mailing Security.

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Fast delivery

Get Invoices Paid Quicker with DocuSend

The best way to improve business cash flow is to automate the invoice payment cycle.

We make it easy to invoice your client as quickly as possible—so don't wait for month-end closeout!

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Business Snail Mail API

Can Snail Mail Be an Insurance Policy?

Security of USPS Mail gives competitive advantages to your business.

This API enables your customers to send postal mail online as easily as emailing them

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First class color for invoices, statements, flyers or announcements.

Is Printing Invoices in Color Cost Effective?

DocuSend Color IS Effective

Add attention-getting color to earn customer trust, deliver value, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

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We Can Get Your Mail Delivered Quicker!

Why we CASS your addresses!

We use the USPS database to ensure your addresses are correct and include Zip+4 for timely, accurate delivery.

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Keep Safe from Cyber Attack

How Do I Secure My Information from Internet and Cyber-Attacks?

Worried about how to secure your information from internet and cyber-attacks?

Here's how the U.S. Postal Service can help...

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US Postal Service Benefits Small Businesse

What Does the United States Postal Service Do for Me?

Does the United States Postal Service Have Your Respect?

DocuSend's new ''Postal Points'' will increase your appreciation for the USPS.

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QuickBooks online users: Drastically Reduce Your Billing Process!

How much can QuickBooks online users get back on a five minute ''investment''?

Take 5 minutes of your time to launch and authorize the DocuSend app, and save hours every billing cycle.

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Keep Safe from Cyber Attack

What is the best choice for mailing QuickBooks customer invoices?

It is simple, fast, easy to use and works seamlessly with any version of QuickBooks or any other accounting software package that can create PDFs.

DocuSend; the Web-Based Document Mailing Solution.

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Automating Invoice Processing

Top 5 Benefits of Automating Your Invoice Processing

Discover ways to become more efficient by simplifying your invoice processing.

Get Invoices Delivered and Paid Quicker!

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Keep Safe from Cyber Attack

How to ensure your customer invoices get opened!

Personalized letters and invoices sent through the post office often receive a higher perceived value.

E-mail messages are generally less personal and often times deemed less important than letters sent through the USPS.

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App for QBO

The Advantages of Invoice Mailing Apps for QuickBooks Online Users

Why should small business owners consider an invoice mailing application?

Automate this repetitive task that doesn't require your management expertise.

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Small businesses security

New cyber scam targets small businesses through their accounting software.

This clever new phishing scam is the latest fraudulent attempt to con small businesses... Read More

Turn invoices into marketing tool

6 Ways to Turn Your Customer Invoices into a Marketing Instrument

One of the best ways businesses can drastically reduce the cost...Read More

Using Technology to Increase Your Business Productivity

Can Your Company Use This Technology to Maximize Business Efficiency?

Minimize costs and manual errors. Increase speed and the quality of delivery. Read More

Outsource Invoice mailing distribution

Bill Distribution Outsourcing Options: Size doesn't matter anymore.

Bill processing vendors traditionally target companies with...Read More

Automate Mailing Process

"The Ham Story"

Resistance to change is a normal reaction…Read More

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