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For Small Business Owners

As part of our commitment to help small businesses grow, many of our blogs will be focusing on a variety of small to medium business (SMB) experiences, including those of DocuSend’s management team and our founder, Jim Stewart. He started DocuSend’s parent company and shares his insights into bootstrapping businesses and launching new products like DocuSend. More importantly, we are providing an informal forum for you to share your professional knowledge and expertise with our fellow SMBs on our blog page because your comments and suggestions will help all of us grow.

Limitations of Tracking Mail

The Limitations of Tracking Mail: It Can’t Be Right All the Time, Even in the Cloud

First-Class Mail tracking can prove to be a great value, but only under the right circumstances. This article explains when to use it and when it’s better to pass it up.Read More →

Print-to-mail- Service

The Cloud-Based Mailroom Gives Small Business Owners What They Want: A Choice

You can have your own mailroom in the cloud for printing and mailing your pdf invoices, statements, and other documents. And it’s all done without requiring your clients’ data.Read More →

Business Tips

The Cloud-Based Mailroom: An Enormous Resource for Any Organization That Mails Documents

Having your mailroom in the cloud instead of in your office space has many benefits. Here are ten of the ways a cloud-based mailroom saves businesses time, space, money…and their sanity! Read More →

Small Business Owners

Are You Taking Your Business for Granted?

A business founder faces compromises to job security, recreation time, personal finances, investments, social life, and medical benefits. For some, the exhilaration of building an enterprise from the ground up makes it all worthwhile.Read More →

Cloud-based Mail Room

Running a Small Business? How Many Hats Are You Wearing Today?

As one hat said to the other... you stay here, and I'll go on a head! How can SMB owners get ahead when they're wearing so many hats? Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear one less hat? It doesn't matter the size of your printing and mailing; DocuSend will wear that hat for you. Read More →

The best choice as print-to-mail provider

How to Protect Your Small Business from Sneaky, Sophisticated Cyber Scams

Being a victim of cyber scams is a risk when you run a small company. Are you prepared to protect your business? With the proper precautions in place you can minimize that risk and prevent loss. Read More →

The best choice as print-to-mail provider

Entering Partnerships with 20/20 Vision

Making adjustments to find the right support structures is a prerequisite for any growing business, and for SMBs the importance of finding the right partner is magnified. Read More →

Boost your Online Visibility

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Online Visibility

You probably know that social media is a part of your business’ success online, but do you know how? Social media strategy as it relates to your online visibility can be critical in getting the right people to see and visit your website. Read More →

Business health

How to Bring More People to Your Business’s Website: Treat It Like Your Favorite Pet

When was the last time you updated your business’s website? If you’re scratching your head, you might be losing out on a lot of prospective clients. But fear not; you can resurrect your website and attract new customers if you treat it like a living thing. Read More →

Business health

Some Amazing (and Hilarious) Statistics About How Your Invoices Reach Their Destinations

The U.S. postal system has been around a long time—long enough to develop some extraordinary delivery methods and spread to some unusual (and sometimes pretty impressive) locations. Read More →

Business health

What Does It Take to Keep Your Business in Top Shape?

Diet, exercise, rest…how is taking care of your company's health like taking care of your own? Read this article for tips on how to evaluate and maintain the health of your business. Read More →

Email security

Ten Reasons People Are Frustrated with Email

This article sums up why people are feeling more and more overwhelmed and controlled by their inboxes, and offers a way you can help them out of their dilemma—one that will even save you money. It’s a win-win!Read More →

Canada businesses can easily mail to USA

Are You a Canadian Business with Customers in the United States?

Canadian businesses: with DocuSend, your U.S. customers will see exactly what they owe at first glance because the balances are in U.S. currency. No calculators and no pesky conversion tables. They’ll be thrilled!Read More →

Small Business and Politics in US

Are Small Business Owners Being Treated Fairly?

The same rules should apply for all businesses regardless of size: small and large alike should be represented based not on political affiliation, but on the importance of the role they play in the nation’s long-term economic success.Read More →

 GA Data retention

The Latest Google Analytics Update

If you are currently using Google Analytics to help promote your business, or if you plan to, you should be aware of important changes coming May 25, 2018.Read More →

Solution to the biggest cash flow problem for small businesses

The Most Common Cash Flow Problem Facing Small Businesses (And How to Solve It)

You may not believe it, but the simplest task may be the one that is losing your company money. Find out if this is true in your case and how to solve the problem and start improving the financial health of your company.Read More →

National Small Business Week in US

Small Businesses, Big Hearts

With National Small Business Week coming up, we take our hats off to small businesses, the heart of our communities and the engine of the economy.Read More →

Mailing from your computer

Work from Anywhere, Mail from Anywhere

You can use DocuSend's print-to-mail service at your own convenience and at the same time cut down on your vehicle use to reduce your carbon footprint. Think of the environmental impact if everyone skipped trips to buy paper, envelopes, print cartridges, and stamps.Read More →

Modernized way to mail

The Before and After of DocuSend

DocuSend uses new and innovative technology, but like so many modern marvels, it had its roots back in the ’70s.Read More →

Business Quicksand

What a Fearful Thing a Neglected Duty Becomes!

Backing up your data and other unexciting chores may seem less important than activities that directly generate sales, but neglecting them can drag you down—or even shut down your business! Read More →

Small business ROI

Return on Investment (ROI): Is DocuSend a No-Brainer?

One use is enough for you to know how much money this service will save you going forward. It's simple math.Read More →

Customers likes more paper invoices

To Mail or Not to Mail?

Even in the electronic age, many consumers prefer to receive important documents in the mail—here's why. Read More →

Marketing is more than advertising

Harvest more referrals: sustainable marketing through interconnectivity

Differences between traditional small and medium-sized business marketing techniques and the rapidly changing digital marketing methods of today. Read More →

DocuSend Mailing Process is faster than buying a stamp

If Progress Is Inevitable, Why Do Some Businesses Still Struggle with Change?

Even the most dedicated advocates of progress sometimes find themselves overwhelmed by rapid changes in technology. Why do some businesses struggle more than others? Read More →

Failure the beginning of Success

If Your Small Business Has Experienced Failure, You’re in (Very) Good Company

We all like to hear—and tell—success stories. But it’s the failure stories that can boost our confidence to stick to our goals. What have you failed at, and what can we all learn from it?Read More →

Cyberthieves warning

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Imitated but never duplicated: why content plagiarism doesn't pay off in the long run. Has anyone ever stolen your web content? Speak out and tell us about it. Read More →

Easy and Fast Mailing Solution

Is DocuSend Really ''Faster Than Buying a Stamp''?

We explain why it's true that using DocuSend is faster than buying stamps. So, how does that give small business owners an immediate return on the time they invest? Ready to Discover the Answer?Read More →

US small business

Are Small Businesses in the US Too Big to Fail?

Why is it so important for the government to support small business? It will take critical-thinking skills on the part of small business owners to keep this sector the vibrant mainstay of the US economy. Read More →

Sending certified documents

The Why and How of Certified Mail

Having proof that your mail was delivered can give you peace of mind and is sometimes a requirement. How does certified mail service work and when should I use it? Read More →

DocuSend help businesses to save money and time

Can DocuSend Help CFOs Save American Companies from the Costly Ordeal of Stuffing Envelopes?

Snail mail technology that can save U.S. firms billions of dollars. The newest and best solution for sending documents by mail, whether just a few or a big batch. Is there a way to avoid the onerous task of stuffing envelopes? Read More →

Careful with print drivers

Trojan Horse. Don't invite Trojan software and apps onto your system!

Knowing about how they function can help you avoid them. How do you know a Trojan when you see it? Read More →

2018 Automated Document Delivery

Top 5 Reasons You Need DocuSend in 2018

Here are five key reasons why your business should try DocuSend in this new year. This incredible document distribution solution, help you to manage and distribute customer invoices. Read More →

Printing and mailing service that keeps improving

The Web-Based Mailing Solution That Just Keeps Getting Better

This 2018 DocuSend will launch a new feature to mail any document regardless of where the addresses are located. Read More →

Send Certified Mail Online

How to Certifiably Gain a Professional Edge

There are several options to prepare and track certified mail, but they are tedious, time consuming, and expensive. So, how do you get around all that? Read More →

Send invoices via US Mailing Service

Email—The Favorite Weapon for Cyber Criminals

Something's Phishy: November 2017 Cybercrimes Update. Protect Your Business and Your Clients. Mail as Easily as Emailing with US Mailing Security.Read More →

Fast documents delivery

Get Invoices Paid Quicker with DocuSend

The best way to improve business cash flow is to automate the invoice payment cycle. We make it easy to invoice your client as quickly as possible—so don't wait for month-end closeout!Read More →

Business snalmail Rest API- enterprise solution

Can Snail Mail Be an Insurance Policy?

Security of USPS Mail gives competitive advantages to your business. This API enables your customers to send postal mail online as easily as emailing them.Read More →

First class color for invoices, statements, flyers or announcements.

Is Printing Invoices in Color Cost Effective?

DocuSend Color IS Effective. Add attention-getting color to earn customer trust, deliver value, and unlock new revenue opportunities.Read More →


We Can Get Your Mail Delivered Quicker!

Why we CASS your addresses! We use the USPS database to ensure your addresses are correct and include Zip+4 for timely, accurate delivery.Read More →

Keep Safe from Cyber Attack

How Do I Secure My Information from Internet and Cyber-Attacks?

Worried about how to secure your information from internet and cyber-attacks? Here's how the U.S. Postal Service can help...Read More →

US Postal Service Benefits Small Businesses

What Does the United States Postal Service Do for Me

Does the United States Postal Service Have Your Respect? DocuSend's new ''Postal Points'' will increase your appreciation for the USPS.Read More →

New mailing app for Quickbooks online

QuickBooks online users: Drastically Reduce Your Billing Process!

How much can QuickBooks online users get back on a five minute ''investment''? Why is your ''investment'' only five minutes? DocuSend® for QuickBooks Online Users: Printing and Mailing Your Invoices Has Never Been Easier.Read More →

Mail QuickBooks Invoices with DcuSend

What is the best choice for mailing customer invoices?

There’s no better way to get customer documents from QuickBooks and other accounting software to the U.S. postal service than DocuSend’s complete web-based document printing, inserting, mailing and reporting package.Read More →

Snail Mail invoice delivery

How to ensure your customer invoices get opened!

Personalized letters and invoices sent through the post office often receive a higher perceived value. E-mail messages are generally less personal and often times deemed less important than letters sent through the USPS.Read More →

QuickBooks online mailing app, DocuSend

The Advantages of Invoice Mailing Apps for QuickBooks Online Users

Why should small business owners consider an invoice mailing application? Automate this repetitive task that doesn't require your management expertise.Read More →

Small businesses security

Cyber scam targets small businesses through their accounting software.

This clever phishing scam is the latest fraudulent attempt to con small businesses. Protection against cybercrimes is the central reason more and more consumers don't want their bills and legal documents sent to their personal email addresses.Read More →

Turn invoices into a marketing tool

6 Ways to Turn Your Customer Invoices into a Marketing Instrument

Use invoices as a regular promotional tool and make important information stand out. No-cost to low-cost options promote your business, increase retention, and help you get paid faster.Read More →

Using Technology to Increase Your Business Productivity

Can Your Company Use This Technology to Maximize Business Efficiency?

This technology takes only a few minutes to implement, so your time and money savings are immediate. Read this article to see how you can improve your business’s efficiency.Read More →

Outsource Invoice mailing distribution

Bill Distribution Outsourcing Options: Size doesn't matter anymore

Get all the benefits of large billing contracts without the sting of long-term written agreements. Businesses with client lists under 4,000 are often left out. Big or small, DocuSend doesn’t care. Read More →

Automating invoice Processing

Top 5 Benefits of Automating Your Invoice Processing

It takes hardly any time to begin streamlining your company’s invoicing. Here are some compelling reasons for you to consider outsourcing your invoicing process.Read More →